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周杰伦首度亲口回应秘婚传闻 - Zhou Jielun (Jay Chou) responds to the rumor he has secretly married print version
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传闻[1]称,周杰伦(Zhou Jielun or Jay Chou a famous Taiwanese singer and actor)与女友昆凌已经在欧洲(Europe)注册结婚[2],粉丝[3]们感到非常惊讶。周杰伦与昆凌的恋情最近很高调[4],不仅被拍到亲密[5]的照片,周杰伦还邀请昆凌担任MV(music video)的女主角[6]。

日前,周杰伦为"Mr.J义法厨房"(a restaurant own by Zhou, currently consisting of two locations in Taiwan, with a third expected to open in Chengdu in the near future)拍摄广告[7],但拍摄现场并未见到昆凌的身影。周杰伦也首次亲口回应关于秘密[8]结婚的传闻,他表示没有这回事。昨天下午,在完成广告拍摄后,他开心地笑着说:"新婚[9]。"随后又说:"没有啦!"记者又问他对昆凌是否有好感[10]。他说:"我不会回答你这个问题。"出现在现场的周妈叶惠美对于儿子是否秘密结婚,是否会让他娶昆凌等问题都没有回答。周杰伦MV导演[11]珍妮花也被问到:她笑着说:"不要开玩笑了。"


It is rumored that Zhou Jielun (Jay Chou) and his girlfriend, Kun Ling, have already married in Europe, a news that shocked Zhou's fans. The love affair between Zhou Jielun and Kun Ling has reached a high tone recently. Not only they have shot intimate photographs, but Zhou also invited Kun Ling to play lead female role in his music video.

A few days ago, Zhou Jielun shot a commercial for 'Mr. J Yifa Kitchen' (the restaurant chain owned by Zhou). Kun Ling wasn't seen on site, where Zhou personally responded to the 'secret wedding' rumor, saying this never happened. Yesterday afternoon, after the commercial shooting was completed, he laughed, saying: "Newly married." Soon afterwards he said: "No, I didn't!" Reporters asked him whether he has good feeling with Kun Ling. He said: "I can't answer this question." Zhou's mother, Ye Huimei, who was present on the site, didn't answer questions concerning whether her son had secretly married or whether she would allow him to marry Kun Ling. Zhou Jielun's video director, Zhen Nihua, was also asked. She said laughingly: "Don't joke with me."

Zhou Jielun attended a music festival in Singapore. When facing the 8000 spectators, while singing the song 'the last battle' he suddenly spoke; first he thanked his fans for the support they have given him for ten years. Then he suddenly said: "Ignore the rumors. If I get married you will still listen to my songs, right?" Hearing the marriage possibility from the mouth of Zhou Jielun made the crowd burst in an uproar.

周杰伦 Jay Chou – Different appeal in East and West

[1] 传闻 chuánwén - Rumor

[2] 注册结婚 zhùcè jiéhūn - Register marriage, get married

[3] 粉丝 fěn sī - Fans

[4] 高调 gāo diào - High-pitch, high tone

[5] 亲密 qīnmì - Intimate

[6] 女主角 nǚ zhǔjué - Lead female role

[7] 广告 guǎnggào - Commercial

[8] 秘密 mìmì - Secret

[9]新婚 xīnhūn - Newly married

[10] 好感 hǎogǎn - Good (love) emotions

[11] 导演 dǎoyǎn - Director

[12] 音乐节 yīnyuè jié - Music festival

[13] 观众 guānzhòng - Spectators

[14] 一阵哗然 yīzhèn huá rán - Burst into an uproar

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