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张艺谋亲自参与导演了天价铁路宣传片且收钱 - Zhang Yimou has personally directed the expensive promotion video for the railway and has received money for it print version
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A pricey 5-minute promotion video produced by the Ministry of Railways for a sum of 18.5 million RMB received a lot of public criticism since its debut two years ago. Recent reports revealed the involvement of Zhang Yimou in the shooting as the main director, raising further debate about the extravagance of the ministry, as well as the possible income of Zhang Yimou.

张艺谋(Zhang Yimou)为铁道部(Ministry of Railways)拍摄[1]1850万元铁路宣传片[2]《中国铁路》('China Railways')一事引起网络热议[3]。张艺谋助理[4]庞小姐(Pang Xiaojie, mrs. Pang)代表张艺谋对此事做了说明,她说张艺谋此前只是对于宣传片的样片[5]提过意见,但是没参与拍摄。庞小姐未对于张艺谋究竟有没有收钱,并未作澄清。


The promotion video "China Railways" that cost 18.5 million RMB, which Zhang Yimou shot for the Ministry of Railways, became a hot internet discussion topic. Zhang Yimou's assistant, Mrs. Pang, has spoken on this topic in the name of Zhang Yimou. She said that Zhang Yimou raised ideas concerning a sample video in the past, but he did not participate in the shooting of the film. Mrs. Pang did not clarify whether Zhang Yimou has actually received money for this project.

Netizen "Changchun guomao" wrote on his blog that an inside personnel revealed that Zhang Yimou is indeed the director of the promotion video of the railway "China Railways". He personally participated in the shooting and received money for it. As for how much money Zhang received, the person did not agree to reveal.

[1]拍摄 pāishè - Shooting of a film

[2] 宣传片 xuānchuán piàn - Promotion video

[3] 网络热议 wǎngluò rè yì - Hot internet topic

[4] 助理 zhùlǐ - Assistant

[5] 样片- yàngpiàn - Sample video

[6]网友 wǎng yǒu - Netizen

[7] 博客 bókè - Blog

[8] 知情人 zhī qíng rén - Insider, inside personnel

[9] 爆料 bàoliào - Reveal, expose

[10] 导演 dǎoyǎn - Director

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