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张艺谋冯小刚呼吁低票价 - Zhang Yimou and Feng Xiaogang call for dropping the prices of movie tickets print version
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北京电影学院(Beijing Film Academy)院长[1]张会军和导演[2]张艺谋、冯小刚、尹力、冯小宁、陈国星[3]六位全国政协[4]委员昨天在联名提案《加强对电影产业支持和整顿》[5]中一致提出电影票价应该降。 "电影票是否太贵"成了"两会"[6]期间的热门话题。

六位委员在其联名提案中说,当前电影票价受场地租金[7]、运营成本[8]及收回电影投资[9]等多种原因影响,所以价格很高。而且社会影院依然不足,制约了观影人次[10]的增加。提案提出:希望相关部门根据市场规律[11]采取 "最高限价"。

President of the Beijing Film Academy and film directors Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang, Yin Li, Feng Xiaoning and Chen Guoxing, all members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) have suggested in their joint proposal "strengthening the support and reorganization of China's film industry" that prices of movie tickets should drop. 'Whether or not ticket prices are too high' has become a hot topic in the NPC and CPPCC congresses.

The six members expressed in their proposal that factors such as the rental of the cinemas, cost of operations and returning the investment of movie-making lead to high ticket prices. Furthermore, the number of movie theatres is still insufficient, which restricts the growth of the movie audience. The proposal suggests that: 'we hope that relevant departments will adopt the regulations of a "ceiling price"'.

Original article published by 北京晨报

[1] 院长 yuànzhǎng - President of an institution

[2] 导演 daoyan - Film director

[3] 张艺谋、冯小刚、尹力、冯小宁、陈国星 zhāng yìmóu 、 féng xiǎogāng 、 yǐn lì 、 féng xiǎoníng 、 chén guóxīng - Names of six leading Chinese film directors

[4] 全国政协 quánguó zhèngxié - Chinese People Political Consultative Congress (CPPCC, 中国人民政治协商会议), a political advisory body representing several parties and organizations.

[5] 《加强对电影产业支持和整顿》jiāqiáng duì diànyǐng chǎnyè zhīchí hé zhěngdùn - The title of the proposal of the directors, "strengthening the support and organization of the film industry".

[6] "两会" liǎng huì - A term for the simultaneous sessions in China's two main congresses: The National People's Congress (NPC, 全国人民代表大会), the legislative house in China and Chinese People Political Consultative Congress (CPPCC).

[7] 场地租金 chǎngdì zūjīn - Rent of site, referring to the rent money movie theatres pay for their site.

[8] 运营成本 yùnyíng chéngběn - Scheduled operations

[9] 电影投资 diànyǐng tóuzī - Investment in a film

[10] 观影人次 guandian renci - Number of audience

[11] 市场规律 shìchǎng guīlǜ - Market regulations

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