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优酷、土豆实现账号互联互通 - Youku and Tudou implement the merge of user accounts print version
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From now on, China's video hosting giants become one - Youku Tudou inc. Youku has acquired Tudou and now the merging is officially taking place, by allowing users to interflow freely between the two internet platforms.


优酷、土豆作为我国最大的两家视频网站[7],一直占据着行业第一、第二的位置,集合了丰富的影视节目[8]、自制节目[9]和UGC内容(user-generated content)。合并后,优酷和土豆的用户覆盖率[10]接近80%,基本完成了对网络视频用户的覆盖。

为确保优酷、土豆用户在两个网站间顺利地相互登录,双方在登录、注册[11]页面都增加了账号登录。这也是合并后,优酷、土豆的品牌[12]首次在对方网站出现。 has recently announced that it will collaborate with, allowing an interflow of users between both sites. Since Youku and Tudou announced a merge, Youku and Tudou users could unify their accounts of both sites. They could use their account on any of the sites, which will enable them to sign in to both sites.

As China's biggest video hosting internet sites, always occupying the first and second positions of the market, Youku and Tudou merge the rich selection of movie and TV shows, do-it-yourself items and user-generated content. Youku and Tudou cover 80% of the market, basically completing the coverage of internet video media.

In order to ensure that Youku and Tudou users could easily sign in both sites, both websites added an account licensed registration on the sign up and sign in pages. Youku and Tudou will also add their trademark on the platform of the other site.

Original article published by 新华网

[1] 优酷 yōukù -, China's large video hosting website

[2] 土豆 tǔdòu -, one of China's biggest video sharing websites. By June 2010 Tudou has reached 170 million unique monthly visitors

[3] 用户账号 yònghù zhànghào - User account

[4] 合并 hébìng - Merge

[5]连接 liánjiē - Unite, merge

[6] 登录 dēnglù - Sign in, login

[7] 视频网站 shìpín wǎngzhàn - Video media website

[8] 影视节目 yǐngshì jiémù - Movies and TV shows

[9] 自制节目 zìzhì jiémù - Do-it-yourself video, users' videos

[10] 覆盖率 fùgài lǜ - Rate of coverage

[11] 注册 zhùcè - Register

[12] 品牌 pǐnpái - Trademark

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