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西藏将力争2015年接待游客达1500万人次 - Tibet will put efforts to Receive 15 million Tourists in 2015 print version
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The leading Communist Party group's secretary in the Tourism Department of Tibet's autonomous region, has revealed in a news press conference of the 'double conference', held on the evening of the 12th, that during the twelve Five-Year Plan, efforts will be made that by 2015 Tibet will receive 15 million tourists, tourism income will reach about 16 billion RMB, and the number of people working in tourism will reach more than 300000.

During the 12th Five Year Plan in Tibet, this target will shall be accomplished through implementing the  'tourism redouble plan', expanding the three tourism markets (people leaving the borders, people entering the borders and domestic tourism), realizing the superiority of tourism products, directing towards a leap forward in the predominance of tourism economy.

During the eleventh Five Year Program (2006-2010), along with the continuous maturation of the synthesized transport and communication networks in Tibet, the tourism industry has accelerated development. During the eleventh Five Year Program, the 350 million RMB fund for the construction of tourism infrastructure, set up by the central government, has made Tibet's tourism infrastructure achieve a huge improvement. Data shows that up to now, in the whole region there are 21 A-grade national tourist attraction, among which 11 are 4A attractions. During the eleventh Five Year Program, Tibet has received a total number of 21.25 million foreign and domestic tourists, an annual average growth of 30.6%, and achieved a total tourism income of 22.62 billion RMB, an annual increase of 29.8%. At present, Tibet's tourism industry provides jobs to 43800 people directly, and to other 188000 people indirectly.

[1] 西藏自治区 xīzàngzìzhìqū - Tibet Autonomous Region, a province-level region, whereas the majority if inhabitants are of local ethnicity.

[2] 旅游局 lǔyóu jú - Tourism Department.

[3]党组书记 dǎngzǔ shūji - Communist Party Group Secretary; a Communist Party governmental office in an autonomous region.

[4]西藏"两会" xīzàng liǎng huì- Tibet's 'double conference', a conference of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Congress (CPPCC), held annually.

[5] 新闻发布会 xīnwén fābù huì - News Press Conference.

[6] "十二五" shíèr wǔ - 'The 12th Five Year Plan'. Five Year Plans (中国五年计划) are guidelines given by the NPC and CPPCC, concerning to economical policies and desired developments and their implementation during a five-year period. The first Five Year Plan took place between 1953 and1957. At present, China is entering its 12th 'Five Year Plan' (2011-2015), which so far has yet to be implemented. 

[7] 人次 rén cì - Man-times, here referring to the number of tourist in a year, whereas if the same person visits twice it counts as two '人次', and so on.
[8]A级景区A jí jǐngqū - 'A-grade' tourist attractions; a grade given by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) to national tourist attractions, from A to AAAAA (5A). Tibet currently has 11 AAAA attractions.

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