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《孩子那些事儿》获华表奖 - The film 'Those Children Matters' won the Huabiao award print version
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The 14th Huabiao Awards' award presenting ceremony was held in Beijing exhibition center. 200 stars made the ceremony splendid. 16 big and 23 small Huabiao awards were announced one after the other. The children movie directed by Wang Jing, 'Those Children Matters', came to the fore, winning the award for outstanding children film.

The movie 'Those Children Matters' is an adaptation of the novel of internet author Wei Xi, 'Green five classes'. The movie narrates a very vivid teacher-student story. Main actor Zou Hanhong said that although this is a children's movie, it preserved some gentle social criticism. It mixes together the conflict between the life of post-90's students and parents' value system, early love, and other social issues. It is a sincere work, filled with compassion and social sense of responsibility. "Through playing the role of psychology tutor teacher Lin Laoshi (teacher Lin), I comprehended how to get along with children, understood the mentality of children. The pure and happy emotional between teachers and students, revealed in the film, has also touched me. As it is approved that this movie has won this Huabiao award, I want to thank the all crew members for their hardworking job. The performance rich in childhood flavor is one of the factors that made the film succeed. I shall work even harder, and offer more good works."

Zou Hanhong 邹涵虹

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[1] 第14届华表奖颁奖典礼 dì 14 jiè huábiǎo jiǎng bān jiǎng diǎnlǐ - Award presenting ceremony of the 14th Huabiao Awards; Huabiao awards are held annually in Beijing, in celebration of Chinese cinema. Dozens of prizes are presented, including multiple awards in each category in some cases, unlike other cinema award ceremonies in China

[2] 北京展览馆běijīng zhǎnlǎn guǎn - Beijing Exhibition Center, constructed in 1954, in the business district in Xizhimen, Beijing

[3] 明星 míngxīng - Stars (here meaning 'movie stars')

[4] 王竞 wàng jìng - Wang Jing, a young Beijing movie director

[5] 导演 dǎoyǎn - Direct, director

[6] 《孩子那些事儿》háizi nàxiē shìr - 'Those Children Matters'; a new film that focuses on teacher-student relationship and teenage problems in modern China. The movie won an award for children-youth movies in these Huabiao Film Awards.

[7]脱颖而出 tuō yǐng ér chū - Stand out, outstanding

[8] 改编 gǎibiān - Adaptation, revision

[9] 主演 zhǔ yǎn - Main actor

[10] 邹涵虹 zōu hán hóng - Zou Hanhong, a young Beijing TV and movie actress, who has became known in the last 2-3 years and currently stars in 'Those Children Matters'.

[11] 90后 hòu - Post 1990, the generation of Chinese born in the 1990s

[12] 价值观 jiàzhí guān - Value system

[13]早恋 zǎo liàn - Early love, teenage love

[14] 心理辅导教师 xīnlǐ fǔdǎo jiàoshī - Psychology tutor-teacher; the role of psychology advisor which exists in most education institutes in China

[15] 剧组 jù zǔ - Crew

[16] 童趣 tóng qù - Childhood flavor

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