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小红莓前晚在京首场演出 - The Cranberries performed in Beijing for the first time print version

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Irish rock band, The Cranberries, have arrived for their first ever shows in China, performing in Shanghai and Beijing in the end of July. Here's an item about their Beijing performance on the 28th:


整晚,小红莓上演了《Animal instict》、《Dreaming my dreams》、《Linger》、《Zombie》等经典歌曲[11]。被王菲翻唱[12]过的Dreams则引起全场高潮[13]。


Last night, the first song of the premier concert of the Cranberries in Beijing, "Analyze", warmed up the atmosphere in the site immediately.  The first tour in China of Wang Fei's idols, Ireland's national treasure music band, "The Cranberries", was highly anticipated. 40 years old leading female singer Dolores (O'riordan), using a big and powerful presence, triggered the excitement of the entire audience. The fans sighed that the performance time was too short.

In the whole evening, The Cranberries performed "Animal Instict", "Dreaming my Dreams", "Linger", "Zombie" and other classic hits. "Dreams", that was covered by Wang Fei, became the climax for the whole audience.

Last night at 8pm, the concert of The Cranberries began on time, without the slightest mess.
Female singer Dolores was with a head of short red hair, a black suit, an eye-catching black eye-shadow and a big and powerful presence. Before starting to sing, the screams of the entire audience were already at the extreme level.

Cranberries performing 'Empty' in Beijing - Watch here

Original article published by Beijing Youth - 北京青年报

[1]小红莓 xiǎo hóng méi - 'Little red berry', the Chinese name for the Irish band The Cranberries

[2] 首演 shǒu yǎn - Premier performance

[3] 王菲 wángfēi - Wang Fei, a 42 years old Beijing pop-singer, who made a comeback in recent years. In the mid 1990s, Wang recorded a Cantonese version of the song 'Dreams', originally performed by The Cranberries. Hence The Cranberries are associated with Wang Fei in China.

[4] 偶像 ǒuxiàng - Idol

[5] 国宝 guó bǎo - National treasure

[6] 乐队yuèduì - Music band

[7] 巡演 xún yǎn - Concert tour

[8] 女主唱 nǚ zhǔ chàng - Female leading singer

[9] 气场 qì chǎng - Presence, confidence, charisma

[10] 歌迷 gē mí - Music fans, band fans

[11] 经典歌曲 jīngdiǎn gēqǔ - Classic songs

[12] 翻唱 fān chàng - Cover song

[13] 高潮 gāocháo - Climax, peak

[14] 拖泥带水 tuō ní dài shuǐ - Messy (literally meaning 'pulling mad, bringing water')

[15] 眼影 yǎn yǐng - Eye-shadow

[16] 无以复加 wú yǐ fù jiā - In an extreme level

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