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Ella大婚 - The big wedding of Ella print version
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The Taiwanese female pop group S.H.E. and its three members 'Selina', 'Hebe' and 'Ella' are big stars in China for over a decade already. On the last weekend, the press was delighted to report the wedding of Ella. This article shows not only the popularity of the band the tabloid culture, but also the importance of 'Western-style weddings' in the lifestyle of the rich and famous, regardless if one is Christian or not.


S.H.E成员Selina接受采访时表示前一晚兴奋到睡不着。另外S.H.E成员Hebe今天上午在微博(Weibo, China's leading microblog)上祝福好姐妹[6],同时她也是伴娘[7]。




On May 5, member of the S.H.E music group 'Ella' - Chen Jiahua married her fiancé Lai Sixiang in Taipei. At noon time, Ella, wearing a wedding dress, met together with media friends.

S.H.E. member Selina said in an interview that the night before she was excited and could not sleep. Today in the morning Hebe, another member of the group, who is also a bridesmaid, greeted her 'sister' through the Weibo.

The wedding ceremony started at approximately 13:15. After coming on stage with bridesmaid and best man Hebe and Qing Feng (respectively), the groom Lai Siziang waited for the bride to appear. Led by her father, Ella entered joyously with her white wedding dress.

When the newlywed took pictures with the father, Ella shed tears once more. After the ceremony ended, Ella changed to a bright red dress returning to dance with her groom.

Original article published by QQ Entertainment

[1]成员 chéngyuán - Group member

[2] 未婚夫 wèihūnfū - Fiancé

[3] 婚礼 hūnlǐ - Wedding

[4] 婚纱 hūn shā - Wedding dress

[5] 新郎 xīnláng - Groom

[6] 姐妹 jiěmèi - 'Sisters', here used as a nickname for a female friend

[7] 伴娘 bàn niáng - Bridesmaid

[8] 伴郎 bàn láng - Best man

[9] 出场 chūchǎng - Go on stage

[10] 新娘 xīnniáng - Bride

[11]新人 xīnren - Newlywed

[12] 合影 héyǐng - Take a group photo

[13] 艳红洋装 yàn hóng yáng zhuāng - Bright red Western-style dress

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