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第七届全国农民运动会:农民播奥运精神 ' The 7th Peasant Games: peasants sow the 'Olympic Spirit' print version
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With the recent Chinese fashion of organizing grand sport events in the spirit of the Olympics, the  7th Peasant Games took place in Henan in the last two weeks. This event comprises of familiar sports along with some traditional folk activities. While the aim of this event, as expressed by its organizers, is to preserve the folk tradition and enjoy sports in an uncompetitive manner, the format itself derives from the Western Olympic Games and their competitive flavor...

22日,第七届全国农民运动会(the 7th Peasant Games)在河南(Henan province)落幕[1], "追求"、"共享"[2]成为本届农运会的关键词[3]。本届农运会共设15个大项、198个小项[4], 32个省代表团[5]、4689名运动员[6]参加了比赛。本届农运会追求的是"乡村味"[7]。

插秧[8]比赛、自行车载重[9]比赛......人们看到的是一个丰富多彩的农运会。没有体育明星,没有豪华文艺演出[10]。与奥运会(Olympics)、亚运会(Asian Games)不同,农运会更注重参与、享受、快乐的理念。本届农运会还取消了传统的金、银、铜牌[11],扩大获奖范围。


每一个人都应享有从事体育运动的可能性,体现公平竞争[15]的奥林匹克精神('Olympic spirit')。中国是世界上唯一定期举办农运会的国度,在传承"奥运精神"同时,众多民众也期待着播"奥运精神"于田间地头[16]。

On September 22, the 7th National Peasant Games in Henan ended. "Pursue" and "enjoy together" became the keywords of this event. The Peasant Games included 15 grand events, 198 'small competitions'. Delegations from 32 provinces and overall 4689 competitors participated in the games. The event wished to display a 'countryside flavor'.

'Transplanting rice seedlings' competition, a race of loaded bicycles... this was a rich and colorful event. No famous athletes participated, no extravagant performances went on stage. Unlike the real Olympics or the Asian Games, here the competition highlighted participation, enjoyment, happiness. The Peasant Games even canceled the traditional 'gold', 'silver' and 'bronze' medals, expanding the scope of prizes.

Organizers of the Peasant Games are concerned because in recent years, along with the popularization of 'Western' sports, some folk activities that have been existing for a thousand years are disappearing. It is extremely urgent to protect the culture of folk sports.

Every person should enjoy the possibility to participate in sport events and experience the fair play of the 'Olympic spirit'. China is the only country in the world to organize 'peasant games'. As it passes on the 'Olympic spirit' the masses could also look forward to sowing the seeds of 'Olympic spirit' in the edge of their fields.

 peasant_olympics_628_01 peasant_olympic_689_01 

 The 7th Asian Games; celebrating

'modest folk' in the most

extravagant style

Original article published by 中国新闻网

[1]落幕 luò mù - 'the curtain falls', finish

[2] "追求"、"共享" zhuīqiú, gòngxiǎng - 'pursue', 'enjoy together'

[3] 关键词 guānjiàncí - keyword

[4] 大项、小项 dà xiàng 、 xiǎo xiàng - large competitions, small competitions

[5] 代表团 dàibiǎotuán - delegation

[6] 运动员 yùndòngyuán - athletes

[7] "乡村味" xiāngcūn wèi - 'countryside flavor'

[8] 插秧 chāyāng - transplant rice seedlings

[9] 载重 zàizhòng - carry heavy load

[10] 豪华文艺演出 háohuá wényì yǎnchū - luxurious performances

[11] 金、银、铜牌 jīn 、 yín 、 tóng pái - 'gold', 'silver' and 'bronze' medals

[12] 风靡 fēngmǐ - fashionable

[13] 民间 mínjiān - folk, popular

[14] 迫在眉睫 pò zài méi jié - very urgent (literally 'pushing at the eyebrows and eyelashes)

[15] 公平竞争 gōngpíng jìngzhēng - fair play

[16] 田间地头 tiánjiān dìtóu - the edge of the field

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