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淘宝联手89家国际大牌反侵权 将严惩售假店铺 - Taobao has united with 89 international trademarks fighting against rights violators, severely punishing stores selling fake goods print version
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March 14th news, Taobao declared that they had already allied with LV, Gucci, Levis, Apple, and 89 other big international brands, establishing an internet right protection operation. Taobao will invest in purchasing market trademark merchandise which is suspected to be a violation of rights, have the (official) trademark store and a specialist third party organization responsible for authenticating them. Once the merchandise is proven to be fake, according the Taobao regulations, a severe penalty for the relevant vending stores will be carried out. The specific severe punishment will be handled by the Department of Industry & Commerce, the Department of Public Security and other relevant departments.

Collecting evidence a rather complicated and indispensable element in the task of is internet rights' protection. By its operation, Taobao is effectively reducing the trademarks' cost of right protection, making internet right protection more effective and more initiative.

From the angle of protection of intellectual property rights, the platform of internet commerce (E-commerce) possesses a common urgent demand with trademark vending businesses. Law personnel have analyzed, saying that protection of internet intellectual property rights can, on one aspect, protect the legitimate benefit of people with rights (stores of authentic merchandise), and on the other hand, through the standard circulation of internet merchandise, also protect consumers' rights.

According to what has been presented, Taobao's managers say that on the whole year of 2010, Taobao has altogether handled more than 14 million items which violate rights, among which, concerning more than 6000 trademarked items, the people of rights (the true trademark stores) have joined hands and the number of rights violating merchandise items which have been immediately removed reach 5710000.

At present, Taobao has already purchased 608 items through secret accounts, with which 586 stores are involved. After the authenticating results come out, Taobao will carry out punishments with the vending stores, according to the results.

[1] 淘宝 táo bǎo - 淘宝网,, a leading Chinese E-commerce website, launched in 2003. The site serves as a platform for business and as such, stores as well as individual collectors sell their merchandise through it.

[2] 网络维权 wǎngluò wéi quán - 'Internet rights' protection'; here referring to protection of authenticity rights of merchandise which is sold via the internet.

[3] 品牌 pǐn pái - Trademark.

[4] 侵权qīn quán - Violating rights.

[5] 假货 jiǎ huò - Fake merchandise

[6] 保护知识产权 bǎohù zhīshichǎnquán - Protection of intellectual property rights.

[7] 网购 wǎng gòu - Internet commerce, E-commerce.

[8] 消费者 xiāofèizhě - Consumer.

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