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舒淇因裸照被曝光怒删微博 - Shu Qi canceled her Weibo account after her nude photos were exposed print version
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The risks of the Weibo and internet social networks rise to the headlines again, after famous actress Shu Qi was caught in the 'line of fire' in an internet war. Two HK Kong Fu stars Zhao Wenzhuo and Donny Yan started clashing on the internet as they both compete for a place in a local sitcom, and after Shu Qi intervened she became a target of attack and had no choice but to cancel her Weibo account.

在赵文卓(Zhao Wenzhuo)和甄子丹(Donny Yan)骂战[1]中,舒淇(Shu Qi)在微博[2]上支持甄子丹"敬业认真[3]",有的网友就此对舒淇发起人身攻击[4],甚至将她成名[5]之前拍摄的裸照[6]也公布了,网友骂声[7]不断。最终舒淇"退出"微博。




During the verbal clash between Zhao Wenzhuo and Ping Zhenzi, Shu Qi expressed support for the latter in her Weibo, saying that Ping "takes his work seriously". Some netizens responded with a personal attack on Shu Qi, to the extent of publishing nude pictures that Shu Qi took before getting famous, and cursed her continuously. Finally, Shu Qi canceled her Weibo account.

Shu Qi's agent Keenie answered reporters' questions: "Concerning all the offensive words, our company shall consult with a lawyer, considering filing a lawsuit and protecting our artist."

Concerning Shu Qi's decision to leave Weibo, one netizen wrote: "A person of 200,000 (Weibo) fans and a person of 4,000,000 fans fight and in the end a person of 100,000,000 fans (Shu Qi) is forced to quit Weibo."

Regarding the 'tragedy' Shu Qi experienced and the people involved, Zhao Zhuowen has declared yesterday on his Weibo: "Everything I do and say is out in the open, I concern myself with facts and not with individuals." Ping Zizhou wrote: "I thank my friends for their support. I apologize that because of your sense of justice you were innocently involved in trouble." In addition, friends in Shu Qi's circle also expressed love and admiration towards her.


[1] 骂战 mà zhàn - Fight of curses, verbal clash

[2] 微博 wēi bó - Weibo, the leading Chinese microblogging service

[3]敬业认真 jìngyè rènzhēn - Take one's work seriously

[4] 人身攻击 rénshēn gōngjī - Personal attack

[5] 成名 chéng míng - Become famous

[6] 裸照 luǒ zhào - Nude photos

[7] 骂声 mà shēng - Curse

[8] 经纪人 jīngjìrén - Agent

[9] 律师 lǜshī - Attorney

[10] 诉讼 sùsòng - Lawsuit

[11] 粉丝 fěn sī - Fans

[12] 遭遇 zāoyù - Meet with 'disaster'

[13] 当事人 dāngshìrén - Person involved

[14] 光明磊落 guāngmíng lěiluò - Open and transparent

[15] 对事不对人 duì shì bùduì rén - Concern with facts and not with individuals

[16] 仗义 zhàng yì - Sense of justice

[17] 无端 wú duān - For no reason

[18] 牵连 qiānlián - Involved in trouble

[19] 圈 quān - Social circle

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