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上海电影节新人奖揭晓 《每日妈妈》获最佳影片 - The Shanghai International Film Festival 'New Talent Award' nominees were announced, 'Everyday Mama' won Best Film print version
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June 17th, the nominees for the 'Asian new talent award' of the 14th Shanghai Movie Festival were announced. The  'Asian new talent award' include movie nominees from Japan, India, Iran, Philippines and China. 'Everyday Mama', directed by Japanese director, Xiao Linsheng Tailang, won the best picture, as well as earned a money award of 150000, given by the organizing committee.

In the award presenting ceremony, the judges' panel chairman, Yan Jingjuner, said that while "selecting 3 works from 9 works is an extremely difficult matter", he still encourages the prize winners that "everybody should believe in their own concepts and continue going according to one's own way."

The film "Everyday Mama" describes the daily encounters of Li Huizi, a cartoon housewife character. Using comedy skills, the movie explores a series of family ethical issues in the modern society. Xia Yu, who presented the award said: "The movie utilizes rich techniques of expression, leaving a deep impression on the judges' panel." Director of this movie, Xiao Linsheng Tailang was crying with excitement during the award ceremony, and he said: "This is a work I dedicate to every mother."

Taiwanese director Deng Yongxing relies on the theme of peasant workers in the film "Return Ticket", winning the 'best director' award. This movie describes the topic of peasant workers' 'Spring Festival transport'. Yan Jingjuner, spokesman of the judges' panel believe that this film completely reflects the skill of the director.

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[1]第14届上海电影节 dì 14 jiè shànghǎi diànyǐng jié - 14th Shanghai Film Festival (or Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF)), a highly acclaimed film festival, initiated in 1993, held this year on the 11-19 of June.

[2] "亚洲新人奖" yàzhōu xīnrén jiǎng - 'Asian new talent award'

[3]导演dǎoyǎn - Director

[4] 《每日妈妈》měirì māma - 'Everyday Mama' (unofficial translation), a new Japanese animation film

[5] 最佳影片 zuìjiā yǐngpiàn - Best film award

[6] 组委会 zǔ wěi huì - Organizing committee

[7] 奖金 jiǎngjīn - Money award

[8] 颁奖典礼 bān jiǎng diǎnlǐ - Award ceremony

[9] 评委会 píng wěi huì - Judges' panel, appraising committee

[10] 主席 zhǔxí - Chairman

[11] 喜剧 xǐjù - Comedy

[12] 家庭伦理 jiātíng lúnlǐ - Family ethics

[13] 邓勇星 dèng yǒng xīng - Deng Yongxing, a Taiwanese movie director (formerly a director of commercials). His most successful movie to date in 'Love at 7-11' from 2002.

[14] 《到阜阳六百里》dào fù yáng liù bǎi lǐ - 'Return Ticket', a Deng Yongxing film, Taiwan 2011

[15] 最佳导演奖 zuìjiā dǎoyǎn jiǎng - Best director award

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