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罗克塞特令上海70后上海粉丝忆青春 - Roxette brought '70hou' Shanghainese fans back to their youth years print version
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在上海(Shanghai)大舞台[1],首度来[2]的瑞典(Swedish)乐团[3]罗克塞特(Roxette),带来了电影《风月俏佳人》('Pretty Woman')的插曲[4]《It Must Have Been Love》,台下沸腾[5]了,唤起了无数上海歌迷[6]心中20多年前的记忆。

17年前的北京(Beijing)演唱会[7],让罗克塞特开启了中国之行。在那个年代,他们的歌曲伴着电台[8]、walkman同样影响了一批70后[9]的上海歌迷。昨日,当开场曲[10]《Dressed for success》响起,内场全是站着的歌迷呼喊。成员Per显然很兴奋:"很高兴来到这座城市,今晚让我们和你们一起回到罗克塞特的经典歌曲[11]!"

当大家熟悉的《It Must Have Been Love》旋律[12]响起,成员Marie唱到一半,将话筒[13]指向观众,观众居然一字不差地完成了大合唱。


The stage of the Shanghai Arena; the Swedish band, Roxette, with its first visit in Shanghai, brought on the soundtrack tune from the movie 'Pretty Woman', "It must have been love". The crowd under the stage was boiling. The song aroused memories from more than 20 years ago in the hearts of the Shanghai music fans.

A music festival in Beijing 17 years ago opened the Chinese journey for Roxette. In that period Roxette's hits accompanied the Radio and the walkmans, influencing a lot of the post-1970 born music fans of Shanghai.

Yesterday, as the opening song, "Dressed for Success", was played, the standing fans were screaming. Band member Per (Per Gessle) seemed excited: "We are happy to arrive at this city. Tonight will take us back the Roxette classic hits!"

When the familiar "It must has been love" was playing, singer Marie (Marie Fredriksson) sang half of the song, then turning the microphone towards the audience. The crowd surprisingly did not mistake one single word when completing the song in a big chorus.

Except for many foreign fans, the site was filled with excited post-1970 Chinese fans. The ardent youth of that age are now all in their middle age.


Original aticle published by 解放牛网

[1] 舞台 wǔtái - Stage, arena

[2] 沪 hù - Nickname of Shanghai

[3] 乐团 yuètuán - Music group

[4] 插曲 chāqǔ - Soundtrack tune

[5] 沸腾 fèiténg - Boil with excitement

[6] 歌迷 gē mí - Music fans

[7] 演唱会 yǎnchàng huì - Music festival

[8] 电台 diàntái - Radio

[9] 70后 hòu - Chinese born in the 1970's

[10] 开场曲 kāi chǎng qǔ - Opening song

[11] 经典歌曲 jīngdiǎn gēqǔ - Classic hits

[12] 旋律 xuánlǜ - Melody

[13] 话筒 huàtǒng - Microphone

[14] 热血青年 rèxuè qīngnián - Ardent youth

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