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We have recently changes the format of this page, and from now on our news section will be dedicated to exploring interesting and symbolic images from across China. While not neglecting Mandarin terminology, the focus of this item is nevertheless how time and space meets the dynamic Modern China.

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General China News 新闻
河南塌桥赔偿农村低于城镇 - Compensation for victims of the bridge accident in Henan: rural victims receive less than urbanites
level 2
河南大桥因爆炸坍塌 26人遇难 - A bridge in Henan collapsed in an explosion, 26 people died
bridge_collapse_henan_338level 1
Chinese Society & Education 社会和教育
科学家发现了独生子女的诸多优点 - Scientists discover many positive qualities in single children
level 3
婚恋幸福感调查:三年以下婚龄者幸福感最高 - The survey of happiness in marriage: couples married three years and under are the happiest
level 2
Environment & Health 环境和卫生
游客雪球砸动物,遭到众网友谴责 - Visitors throw snowballs at animals, a huge crowd of internet users condemn
hangzhou_zoo_lions_485level 1
四川公共机构3楼以下停开电梯 - Public institutions in Sichuan are stopping to use elevators for floors 1 to 3
level 2
Economy 财经
世界紧盯中国春节巨大商机 - The world stares at the retail opportunities of the Chinese New Year
level 2
全国火车新票价出炉 - New ticket prices for the national railways 'come out of the oven'
level 2
Sports 体育
李娜对澳网失利:流泪不解决问题 - Li Na after her Australian Open defeat: Crying won't solve my problem
li_na_injury_1088level 2
广州恒大成为了首支卫冕中超球队 - Guangzhou Hengda is the first Chinese football team to defend its championship title
hengda_champions_838level 3
Entertainment & Culture 娱乐和文化
王家卫在柏林介绍《一代宗师》国际版 - Kar Wai-Wong introduces the international version of "The Grandmaster"
grandmaster_zhang_ziyi_1130level 1
007电影被删改40分钟 - 40 minutes of the new James Bond film were revised in China
level 1
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