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Radiohead开通新浪微博 - Radiohead has opened a Sina Micro-blog print version
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英国(England)著名乐队[1]、当代最具影响力的乐队Radiohead(电台司令)今日开通了新浪微博[2],并发布了第一条微博"testing the weibo"。中国歌迷[3]非常激动,不敢相信这是真的。Radiohead希望能跟中国歌迷近距离交流,Radiohead特意为中国歌迷准备了新专辑[4]和海报[5]等小礼物,欢迎大家关注。

通过微博,Radiohead希望能跟中国的音乐人、歌迷有直接的交流,并且推广自己今年的新专辑《The King Of Limbs》。他们十分想知道专辑在中国的反响。今年将有两场Radiohead的演出[6]分别在北京、上海举行。

Radiohead自1987年第一次登台[7]至今,成立24年,共发行八张专辑,并获格莱美(Grammy)、BRIT大奖[8](Brit Awards)。他们在全球有无数歌迷,每张专辑都是经典。今年年初,他们发行了新专辑《The King Of Limbs》。乐队2月在网上发布了电子版[9],上个月刚刚发行了实体CD。

The famous English music band Radiohead, which is currently greatly popular, has opened today a Sina micro-blog, and published the first post "testing the weibo". Chinese Radiohead fans are highly excited, and cannot believe this is true. Radiohead wishes to communicate with Chinese fans from close distance and has especially prepared the new album, posters and other gifts for its Chinese fans, inviting everybody to follow the band with attention.

By opening the micro-blog, Radiohead hopes to communicate directly with Chinese musicians and fans, as well as popularize its new 2011 album 'The King of Limbs'. The band is very curious about the response to the album in China. This year there will be two Radiohead concerts held in Beijing and Shanghai, respectively.

Since the first time Radiohead went on stage in 1987 and until today, completing 24 years, it has published 8 albums altogether, and has won the Grammy and Brit awards. They have numerous fans worldwide, and each of their albums is a classic. In the beginning of the year they have published their new album 'The King of Limbs'. In February, the band has published an electronic edition on the internet and just last month they issued the actual CD.

Original article published by 新浪娱乐 

[1] 乐队 yuèduì - Music band

[2] 新浪微博 xīn làng wēi bó - Xinlang ( micro-blog (微博), a famous Chinese micro-blog service, allowing users to post short updates and personal news. This service is regarded as the 'Chinese Twitter'.

[3] 歌迷 gē mí - Fans of a music artist

[4] 专辑 zhuān jí - Album

[5] 海报 hǎibào - Posters

[6] 演出 yǎnchū - Performance, show

[7] 登台 dēng tái - 'Go on stage', become known, start an entertainment career

[8] 大奖 dài jiǎng - Prize, award

[9] 电子版 diànzǐ bǎn - Electronic edition

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