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《危险关系》开机,章子怡和张柏芝不想谈片酬 - Production of 'Liaisons' begins, Zhang Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung refuse to discuss their salaries print version

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Yesterday, the Chinese-Korea co-production of the film 'Liaisons', which costs more than100 million RMB, was officially announced in a special ceremony in Beijing. Korean director Xu Qinhao and leading actors Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Dongjian and Zhang Baizhi all attended the event.

The investment sum of 'Liaisons' exceeds 100 million RMB, it is an film adaptation to a famous French literature work. Xu Qinhao's 'Liaisons' narrates Shanghai of the 1930s. Famous female star Mo Jieyu (acted by Zhang Baizhi) meets the playboy Xie Yifan (acted by Zhang Dongjian) within a chaotic world. Xie later meets Du Fenyu (acted by Zhang Ziyi), making Mo jealous, who begins playing tricks in order to hurt the two.

From the first moment this news was revealed, everybody is comparing the salary of the two female stars. Some reports claim that Zhang Baizhi is earning 16 million RMB, while Zhang Ziyi is making 20 million RMB.  However, in order to prove that the two women are indeed getting along, the production said that Zhang Ziyi was the one who recommended Zhang Baizhi for her role.

Reporters on the movie site also addressed Zhang Ziyi with this (salary) question, who answered helplessly: "The movie creation process is the greatest part, the rest isn't important. I hope that this beautiful cooperation could excite the audience." In the beginning of the press conference, Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Baizhi have expounded on the appeal of each of their characters. Zhang Ziyi said: "My character is a good girl. She is well cultivated, she has an interesting experience and I believe everybody will ultimately understand why I accepted to play this part." Zhang Baizhi said the following: "My character thinks she loves a man, but actually she really loves herself. Because of loving herself she is scared of getting hurt."

Original article published by 南方都市报 

[1] 耗资 hào zī - Cost (here referring to production cost)

[2] 中韩 zhōng hán - Chinese-Korean

[3] 《危险关系》wēixiǎn guānxì - 'Liaisons' (literally 'dangerous relationship'), an adaptation of French novel 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses' (which isn't the first movie adaptation of the novel), which is currently produced in China, starring Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Baizhi.

[4] 开机仪式 kāi jī yíshì - 'Starting off' ceremony

[5] 导演 dǎoyǎn - Director

[6]许秦豪 xǔ qínháo - Xu Qinhao, a Korean director who is now directing the 'Dangerous Relationship' and who had previously directed another Chinese-Korean film, 'A good rain knows' (好雨时节).

[7] 主演 zhǔ yǎn - Leading actors/actresses

[8]章子怡 zhāng zǐyí - Well known 32 years old actress, who starred in Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon, House of the Flying Daggers, Memoirs of as Geisha and more.

[9] 张柏芝 zhāng bǎizhī - Zhang Baizhi, English name Cecilia Cheung, a 31 years old Hong Kong actress and pop star, ex-wife of singer Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋 Xie Tingfeng).

[10] 文学作品 wénxué zuòpǐn - Literature work

[11] 改编 gǎibiān - Adaptation

[12] 女星 nǚ xīng - Woman star

[13] 嫉妒心 jídù xīn - Jealousy

[14] 施计 shī jì - Play tricks

[15] 片酬 piàn chóu - Salary of an actor for a film

[16] 不和 bùhé - Not get along

[17] 投资方t óuzī fāng - The investor, the production

[18] 角色 juésè - Character, role

[19] 发布会 fābùhuì - Press conference

[20] 接演 jiē yǎn - Accept a role

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