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新西游记播出 - The new TV version of "Journey to the West" goes on air print version
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《西游记》- 'Journey to the West', one of the famous Chinese classical novels is also one of the most successful TV series, broadcasted repeatedly in the last three decades. Finally a new version of the series is broadcasted and it is remains to see whether it could similarly become a classic.  

1月30日,新版[1]《西游记》[2]在天津(Tianjin)、东方(Dongfang, a large satellite station)、浙江(Zhejiang)、云南(Yunan)四大卫视[3]上星播出,同步于卫视之后,在各大视频网站也可观看。本剧新版四大名著[4]系列影视作品[5]。



The new "Journey to the West" is broadcast by the large satellite TV stations of Tianjin, Dongfang, Zhejiang and Yunan. At the same time it can be watched on big multimedia internet sites. This show is a TV copyright of a new "four classics".

According to the general producer Zhang Jizhong, the new "Journey to the West" is based on the old TV production, which is the most successful reproduction of the "four classics". From the three episodes that were already broadcast, in the biggest mainstream media internet sites the result is good and it is believed that the new "Journey to the West" could be glorious once more.

2011 is the year of the rising of multimedia internet sites as a major media copyright force. In 2012 TV stations will give even more attention to this new trend.

Original article published by 计世网

[1]新版 xīn bǎn - New version

[2] 《西游记》xīyóujì - "Journey to the West", a TV edition of the 16th century novel narrating the famous pilgrimage journey to India.

[3] 卫视 wèi shì shàng xīng - Satellite TV

[4] 四大名著 sì dà míng zhù - "The four classics"; the four great novels "Journey to the West", "Dream of the Red Chamber", "The Water Margin" and "The Three Kingdoms".

[5] 影视作品 yǐng shì zuòpǐn - TV & movie work

[6] 总制片人 zǒng zhìpiànrén - General producer

[7] 老版 lǎo bǎn - Old edition

[8] 翻拍 fān pāi - Reproduction

[9] 视频网站 shìpín wǎngzhàn - Multimedia (video, TV) websites

[10] 辉煌 huīhuáng - Glorious

[11] 影视版权 yǐngshì bǎnquán - Movie & TV copyright

[12] 动向 dòngxiàng - Trend

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