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微软与百度达成英文搜索协议 - Microsoft and Baidu have reached an agreement upon an English language search engine print version
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这笔交易将有利于微软在全球最大互联网[5]市场推广必应,根据易观国际(Analysys International)的数据,必应在中国搜索市场的份额不到1%。百度控制着中国市场超过四分之三的份额。去年3月,在与中国政府就审查问题闹翻[6]后,谷歌(Google)将其中国内地网络搜索移至其香港(Hong Kong)网站。百度与必应于周一公布了双方的合作,合作显出,微软在中国市场的战略[7]与谷歌有着很大不同。为了继续留在中国,微软接受了中国方面在境内对其搜索结果进行审查的制度。

与谷歌不同,微软希望通过当地合作伙伴[8]帮助推动必应的发展。这公司曾与B2B网站阿里巴巴集团[9](Alibaba Group)签协议,为阿里巴巴的搜索引擎一淘网[10](eTao)提供必应的搜索结果,但这一合作于今年结束。

China's highest income search engine, Baidu, has already reached an agreement with the American Microsoft. This shall allow Baidu users to look through the Microsoft search engine Bing, generating search results in English. This deal signifies that Bing search results will be pasted up, marked and integrated within the Baidu search results. The advertisement income brought about by the search results will return to Baidu possession, as it dominates the website.

This deal will be beneficial to Microsoft as it popularizes Bing the world's biggest internet market. According to data of Analysis International, the portion of Bing within the Chinese search engine market doesn't reach 1%, while Baidu is controlling the China market with a ratio of over 3/4. In March last year, after the dead end in the examination (and negotiations) with the Chinese government, Google has moved its mainland China internet search to the Hong Kong website. Baidu and Bing have published their cooperation on Monday. The cooperation shows that there are big differences in Microsoft's strategy in the Chinese market compared to Google. In order to continue staying in China, Microsoft has accepted the examination system carried upon its search results by the Chinese side within the country's borders.

Unlike Google, Microsoft hopes to promote Bing's development through the assistance of local cooperation partners. In the past, this company had signed an agreement with B2B (business to business) website Alibaba Group, providing Bing search results to Alibaba's eTao site, though this cooperation has ended this year.

[1] 搜索引擎 sōusuǒ yǐnqíng - Search engine

[2]百度 bǎi dù - Baidu (, China`s largest internet search engine and provider of many internet services.

[3] 用户 yònghù - User, internet user

[4] 搜索结果 sōusuǒ jiéguǒ - Search results

[5] 互联网 hùliánwǎng - Internet

[6] 闹翻 nào fān - 'Problem breakup'; when a relationship, negotiations, or a partnership reaches a dead end or a boiling point and all interactions are terminated

[7] 战略 zhàn luè - Strategy

[8] 伙伴 huǒbàn - Partner

[9] 阿里巴巴集团 ālǐ bā bā jítuán - Alibaba Group, a privately owned Hangzhou internet cooperation, offering trade and computing services

[10] 一淘网 yī táo wǎng -  eTao (, a Chinese search engine and E-Commerce website, previously in cooperation with Bing

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