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刘醒龙获茅盾文学奖,体现了“湖北文学现象”- Liu Xinglong won the Mao Dun Literature Prize, reflecting the 'Hubei literature phenomenon' print version
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The following article focuses of the prestigious Mao Dun Literature Prize, given to five authors of novels in August. The original article was published on a Hubei portal, and thus focuses on local award winnel Liu Xinglong. 

湖北省作家刘醒龙[1]凭长篇小说《天行者》[2]获第八届茅盾文学奖[3],这是中国最高文学奖项[4]。到目前为止,湖北省(Hubei province)共有三位作家获茅盾文学奖,七位作家获鲁迅文学[5]。业内人士称除北京外,湖北作家的整体实力,与江苏(Jiangsu province)、陕西(Shaanxi province)并称"全国三强"。新世纪以来,湖北的作家不断在各项文学大奖中取得骄人成绩。



Hubei province author Liu Xinglong won the 8th Mao Dun Literature Prize for his novel 'Sky walker'. This is China's most important literature award. Until now, three authors from Hubei province won this prize, while seven authors won the Lu Xun Literature Prize. Personage of the industry say that except for Beijing, the overall capacity of Hubei authors, along with Jiangsu and Shaanxi province authors, gives them the name 'China's 3 strong'. Since the beginning of the new century, Hubei authors continuously win impressive achievements in every big literature award event.

Liu Xinglong winning the Mao Dun prize is a big event in the Hubei literature world. This is a sign that Hubei is marching forward, from a 'big cultural province' to a 'strong cultural province'; not only strengthening the Hubei cultural self-confidence, but also setting up an important inspiration for Hubei culture. The 'Hubei literature phenomenon' was established in the profound cultural relics of the Zhou Dynasty Chu State and is also flourishing due to the fact the province government attaches importance to culture and promote its development.

Certainly, if good works of literature are to produce a more extensive and deep influence, we should use different art forms to display, putting effort to develop theatrical art, top quality movies & TV items, and other forms. The road ahead is still long.

Original article published by 荆楚网 

[1] 刘醒龙 liú xǐng long - Liu Xinglong, a 56 years old Hubei province author, author of several novels in the last 17 years.

[2] 《天行者》tiān xíng zhě - 'Skywalker'; a Liu Xinglong novel, narrating the struggle of rural school-teachers in a mountain village. The novel won the 8th Mao Dun literature award. Liu Xinglong, after winning the prize, wrote in his Sina microblog: "This book was written from my experience in the second half of the 20th century. In that time, the pain of village scholars was the pain of entire China."

[3]第八届茅盾文学奖 dìbā jiè máo dùn wénxué jiǎng - The 8th Mao Dun Literature Prize, announced on August 2011. This prize for literature novels in organized and sponsored by Chinese Writers Association, first awarded in 1982, in respect to famous author Mao Dun.  The award is given to several authors each time and takes place every 3-6 years.

[4] 文学奖项 wénxué jiǎng xiàng - Literature award

[5] 鲁迅文学奖 lǔxùn wénxué jiǎng - Lu Xun Literature Prize; another prize awarded by Chinese Writers' Association, named for famous author Lu Xun and first awarded in 1995. Unlike the Mao Dun Prize, the Lu Xun award is given for several literature categories, not only novels. This award is associated with the Chinese government.

[6] 启示 qǐshì - Inspiration

[7] 荆楚 jīng chǔ wénhuà -  Jing Chu, Zhou Dynasty Chu state, located in a region of present Hubei province. Chu was one of the most powerful states, culturally and politically, during the Spring Autumn period (722-481 BC) and Warring State period (481-221 BC) of the Zhou Dynasty.

[8]文化底蕴 wénhuà dǐyùn - Cultural deposits, rich cultural relics

[9] 省政府 shěng zhèngfǔ - Province government

[10] 舞台艺术 wǔtái yìshù - Theartical art

[11] 影视 yǐng shì - Movies and Television

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