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刘丽,中国被你感动 - Liu Li, China was moved by you print version
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"为什么是她?一个瘦弱姑娘,是内心的善良,让她身上有圣洁的光芒......"这是感动中国组委会[3]给予刘丽的颁奖辞。刘丽, 29岁,是农村姑娘。10多年来,她用打工赚来的钱资助近百名贫困学生,现在资助的学生还有37名。



Liu Li 刘丽 during a visit to some of the impoverished Children she supports financially

Yesterday evening, "most beautiful washing-feet girl", Liu Li became "the personage which touched (emotionally) China in 2010". After becoming the 'personage who touched China last year', reporters contacted Liu Li for the first time. Liu Li told reporters that although she became 'the yearly personage who touched China', she is still the same person who goes to work and goes off work, there's nothing particular about her.

"Why is it her? An emaciated girl, it is the goodness of her heart that makes her appearance glow with holiness and purity." These are the words said by the organizing committee of 'Touching China' while giving her the award. Liu Li, 29 years, is a village girl. In the last ten years, she used money she gained from manual work in provide financial aid to almost a hundred impoverished students, and now, the number of students she is helping is 37.

"Thanks for the people of my home village for their congratulations. I'm still in Xiamen now, and still going to work at present." Liu Li told reporters that although she has now become the 'personage who touched China', afterwards she will still continue to provide financial aid to these poor children, "because helping these few kids is the ideal that I pursue throughout my life." When mentioning the money she donated during these years, Liu Li says she hasn't calculated it, and it is probably enough to pay the first payment for a small apartment. "These things are all insignificant, what is important is whether or not I helped kids in need." Yesterday evening, Liu Li told reporters she will still engage in the profession of foot-washing, and while providing financial aid to poor pupils she also hopes to set-up a school in her home village.

[1] "最美洗脚妹" zuì měi xǐ jiǎo mèi - 'Most beautiful washing-feet girl', Liu Li's nickname which was given to her after her story was first published during 2010. Liu Li works as a foot masseur in the city of Xiamen (Fujian province), and in recent years has divided her family to three part: One which she used for her own expenses, one which she sends her parents and one which she uses to support poor children, allowing them to attend school. Her commitment to creating a better future for many children has gained her the appreciation of Chinese media and China's public opinion.  

[2] "感动中国2010年度人物" gǎndòng zhōngguó niándù rénwù - 'The personage that touched China in 2010', an award given during the annual national TV (CCTV) show '感动中国' ('Touched (emotionally) China'). This is an annual TV program, held each February (first show was broadcasted in Feb 2003), which acknowledges personnel who made noticeable contribution to the community during that year (or that their contribution became well-known during that year), or who their story touched the Chinese public in any other way. This is a very popular program, in which many Chinese celebrities have also appeared in recent years.

[3] 感动中国组委会 gǎndòng zhōngguó zǔ wěi huì - 'The organizing committee of 'Touched China'', the committee which decides upon nominations and winners of the 'Touched China' annual rewards.

[4] 足浴 zú yù - Foot bath.

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