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李肇星:2011年国防预算增长12.7% - Li Zhaoxing: The national defence budget will grow by 12.7% in 2011 print version
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十一届全国人大[1]四次会议[2]发言人[3]李肇星在3月4日的新闻发布会[4]表示, 2011年国防费预[5]算大约为6011亿人民币,比上年增长12.7% 。



The 11th National People's Congress (NPC), 4th conference; In the press conference on March 4th, spokesman Li Zhaoxing has said, that the national defense budget for 2011 is calculated to be approximately 601.1 billion RMB, an increase of 12.7% compared to last year.

Li Zhaoxing said that the increase in the national defense budget in 2011 will mostly be used for expenses of construction of additional proper equipment, military training and personnel training; expanding the investment in infrastructure construction for basic level troops, properly increasing the allowance and subsidization standards for life expenses of officers and soldiers.

Li Zhaoxing also said that China in managing the national defense budget according to the demand of the legislating administration, the national defense, calculation law and other laws and regulations. The national defense budget is brought into the national budget draft every year, and as such it is examined and approved by the NPC, ordered by law and transmitted for its execution by the lower lever. It is also supervised as well by the national and military departments of audit. China's defense budget is transparent, and no concealed military budget issue exists in it, whatsoever.

[1] 全国人大 quánguó réndà - Short for 全国人民代表大会, The National People's Congress (NPC), the legislative house in China, mediating between the government, the communist party and some circles of society.  

[2] 四次会议 sì cì huìyì - The 4th conference of the 11th NPC; The 11th NPC refers to the congress elected for the term between 2008 and 2013. As the congress meets each year, 2011 is its 4th conference.

[3] 发言人 fāyánrén  - Spokesman.

[4] 新闻发布会 xīnwén fābù huì  - News conference.

[5] 国防费预 guófáng fèi yù - National defense budget.

[6] 军事 jūnshì - Military affairs.

[7] 草案 cǎoàn - Draft file.

[8] 审计部门 shěnjì bùmén - Audit department, office responsible for examining financial budget  files.

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