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马丁微博:来中国打球并非为钱 - Kenyon Martin via Twitter: Coming to play in China, not because of the money print version
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With the biggest name to play in the Chinese Basketball League to date, Kenyon Martin joins the team that represents the isolated Xinjiang province, becoming the highest paid player in China. Although he insists he will return to the NBA, his relatively old age (approaching 34) might make the East more suitable for his current career.

2011年9月22日,前NBA状元秀[1]肯扬-马丁[2](Kenyon Martin)确定加盟了新疆广汇[3]男篮[4],而且成为了CBA (China Basketball Association)历史上薪水[5]最高的外员[6]。在这条消息爆出后不久,马丁也在自己微博[7]上进行了确认,并且对于球迷[8]们进行了感谢。




September 22, 2011; former NBA first draft pick, Kenyon Martin, has confirmed that he will join the Xinjiang Guanghui basketball team, becoming the highest paid foreign player in the history of the CBA (China Basketball Association). Not long after this news was released, Martin confirmed through his personal micro-blog (Twitter), and also thanked the basketball fans.

At first, Martin confirmed this news in his micro-blog by writing: "Yes, my friends, I'm going to China for one basketball season. After the season in China is over I will return to the NBA.

"I really don't need this money, I just wanna play the game I love."

"Friends, thank you all; I will continue to write about how things develop and about my games. I will post my stats after each game I play," Martin wrote.

"It's been great seven years in Denver, thanks to all the Martin fans, I love you guys, time to move on", Martin wrote on his blog.

How long can he survive in Urumuqi?

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[1] 状元秀 zhuàng yuán xiù - Number 1 pick, number one selection; first pick in the NBA draft, recruiting players from colleges and other leagues (Martin was the first pick in 2000)

[2] 肯扬-马丁 kěnyáng mǎdīng - Kenyon Martin; 34 years old NBA power-forward, who has played for the Denver Nuggets for the last 7 years and is now joining the Chinese Basketball Association league (a move which has to do with to strike that might delay the beginning of the next NBA season)

[3] 新疆广汇 xīnjiāng guǎnghuì - Xinjiang Guanghui (or 'Flying Tigers'), the CBA team representing Xinjiang provice, which had finished in the second place of the CBA for four consecutive yeas

[4]男篮 nán lán - Men's basketball

[5] 薪水 xīnshuǐ - Salary

[6] 外员 wài yuán - Foreign member, foreign player

[7] 微博 wēibó - Micro-blog (here referring to Twitter)

[8] 球迷 qiúmí - 'Ball fans' (here referring the basketball fans_

[9] 赛季 sài jì - Sport season, competition season

[10] 技术统计 jìshù tǒngjì - 'Skill statistics', personal statistics (points, rebounds, assists, etc)

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