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林书豪伤停6周 无缘剩余常规赛 - Jeremy Lin is injured and out for 6 weeks, no chance that he returns for this NBA season print version
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据纽约(New York)媒体报道,林书豪(Lin Shuhao, Jeremy Lin)将进行膝盖手术[1],为此他至少要休息6周的时间,这意味着他无缘剩余的常规赛[2]了。对于尼克斯(New York Knicks)来说是晴天霹雳[3],在球队[4]冲击季后赛[5]的关键时刻,先是斯塔德迈尔(Amar'e Stoudemire)至少休息4周甚至可能要到季后赛才能复出[6],如今林书豪又倒了下去[7]。

在昨天[8]给老鹰(Atlanta Hawks)后尼克斯只先[9]雄鹿(Milwaukee Bucks)1.5个胜场[10]。这意味着今年2月开始以来的"林风暴"[11]暂时告一段落,尼克斯队再次回到原点[12]。

林书豪坦言自己的膝盖早就感觉有些不舒服,只是一直都在忍耐,如今终于达到不得不接受手术。本赛季林书豪总共为尼克斯打了35场比赛,每场均可以贡献14.6分6.1助攻[13]。他是在3月25日对阵活(Detroit Pistons)塞的比赛中受伤,为此曾休息3场比赛。原本预计[14]他或许能在4月4日复出,却未料到[15]却等来了不能参赛的噩耗[16]。

According to reports by media in New York, Jeremy Lin (Lin Shuhao) is about to go through a knee surgery, and will rest for at least six weeks. This means that there is no chance that he returns during the regular competition season. This is a bolt from the blue for the New York Knicks, that in this key period, when the team is striding for the last matches of the season, first Amar'e Stoudemire must rest for at least four weeks and might recover only for the playoffs, and now Jeremy Lin also falls out.

After yesterday's loss to the Atlanta Hawks, the Knicks are leading the Milwaukee Bucks by only 1.5 wins. This signifies that the 'Linsanity' that began in February ended very shortly. The Knicks are now at the starting point again.

Jeremy Lin said openly that his knee felt uncomfortable for a while already, yet he was consistently patient, but now he reached the point where he has no choice but surgery. In this season, Lin played 35 games for the Knicks, and contributed an average of 14.6 points and 6.1 assists per match. He was injured in the game against the Detroit Pistons on March 25, and already rested three matches. The first prediction was that he might return on April 4, not foreseeing the sad news that he will not be able to return this season.

[1] 膝盖手术 xīgài shǒushù - Knee surgery

[2] 常规赛 chángguī sài - Regular competition season (in contrast to the playoffs)

[3] 晴天霹雳 qíngtiān pī lì - Bolt from the blue, shocking surprise

[4] 球队 qiúduì - Ball team

[5] 季后赛 jì hòu sài - Playoff games

[6] 复出 fù chū - Return, recover

[7] 倒了下去 dǎo le xiàqu - Fall out

[8] 输 shū - Lose

[9] 领先 lǐngxiān - Lead

[10] 胜场 shèng chǎng - Victories

[11] "林风暴" lín fēngbào - "Linsanity", a term used since February to describe Jeremy Lin's meteoric success at the Knicks

[12] 原点 yuán diǎn - Starting point

[13]助攻 zhù gōng - Assists

[14] 预计 yùjì - Predict

[15] 料到 liào dào - Foresee

[16] 噩耗 è hào - Sad news

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