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姚明最终结局将是退役? 火箭也许指望他回来 - Is Retirement the Ultimate Outcome for Yaoming? Perhaps the Rockets Still Hope He will Return print version
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December 17th news, The Rockets organized the newest Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMRI) examination for Yao Ming, but the result is by no means optimistic. Yao Ming's left foot is suffering from a stress fracture phenomenon. Although the basketball team hasn't published the concrete - time, but almost all the people have a despair attitude at this moment. Yet 'Houston Chronicle' experts, also after learning about the news, hold a pessimistic attitude concerning the return of Yao Ming, and even think Yao Ming will consequently part from his professional career.

Regarding his own injury, Yao Ming seems optimistic all along. His intelligence and understanding towards basketball allow him to become a great basketball star. Although his tall and big, in the ball court his field of vision is not narrow at all, and his ability to pass the ball is remarkable. However, maybe precisely because he has so many talents on the basketball court, destiny is playing such a big joke with him.

The Rockets might not consider again whether Yao Ming could come out of this injury in good health. Therefore, until now, the team doesn't miss him too much. Maybe we should give more appreciation to the Rockets team of the previous few years. In the past the Rockets had a glorious 22 consecutive wins, though for us this seems an event which happened long time ago. Nowadays all that people can do is continue blessing Yao Ming, wish him to recover early. As for whether he could return to the playing field, this is not as important already.

[1] 火箭 huǒjiàn - 'Rockets', the Houston Rockets NBA basketball team, for which Chinese player Yao Ming plays for.

[2] 核磁共振 hécígòngzhèn - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging,NMRI, Nuclear MRI, a medical method for monitoring the conditions of living tissues.

[3] 《休斯顿纪事报》xiūsīdùn jì shì bào - "Houston Chronicle", a popular newspaper in Houston, Texas.

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