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Inside China is where we attempt to bring readers closer to the Chinese experience. While we provide opinions and our own analysis (all articles here are ThinkingChinese original), we also open the door for a more in-depth future investigation and research. In most articles, we approach the topics in an unbiased manner, demonstrating a picture as it is experienced by mainland Chinese residents. Readers might notice the sociological-anthorpological orientation of many of our essays. It is only natural that some of our loyal Chinese users assist in contributing content to this section. 

如果您想发布自己写的文章,通过表达自己的看法让外国读者知道中国热点话题且知道对中国的现代生活中国人的视角,请添加文章。 根据 Inside China 的一些类别或者自己的兴趣您可以选择写文章的题目,您可以代表多数中国人的意见,也可以表达个人观点,这些都是在增进读者对现代中国的了解。您可以用中文写,给读者的翻译由我们来做。


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Culture Shock
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Xiao San – Empowerment of Chinese women or keeping them 'small'? Becoming "Modern"
China sums up its Olympic performance in a sweet & bitter flavor China Popular Culture
"Zui mei" - Modern Chinese heroes as the encounter between reality culture and traditional values Modern China Culture
Jianbing Ren, 'pancake people' – A Chinese version of a global phenomenon Modern China Culture
Chinese self-help culture: Reaching out to the Global society while maintaining Discreteness Modern China Culture
Sheng Nü – 'Leftover Women' - The thin line between women independence and social disgrace Modern China Culture
Foreign brands in China and their twofold approach to Chinese tradition Making Business
"zuo shi bei e" – The fear of extortion as the dilemma of the Good Samaritan in contemporary China China Social Hotspots
'Alcohol culture' – jiu wenhua – Drinking as a currency converted to friendship and successful business Making Business
Konggui Zu: Youngsters' fear of returning home for the Chinese New Year as a natural response to traditional and popular values Modern China Culture
Between heaven and earth - a photography exhibition that demonstrates the aspirations of common Chinese Modern China Culture
Breaking the 4-2-1: How does China react to the permission of a 'second child' for parents who are both singletons? China Social Hotspots
Wolf Dad accompanies Tiger Mom, though most Chinese are trying to escape the parenting 'zoo' Modern China Culture
A holiday invasion – Why are Chinese enthusiastically adopting new festive events? Modern China Culture
70hou, 80hou, 90hou - The growing generation gap in China 80后
Yueguangzu - The face of a bitter-sweet modern reality Language Subtleties
The 'Xiao Yue Yue' incident as a source of complete despair and a glimpse of hope China Social Hotspots
Su Zizi 苏紫紫 - Lost daughter or strong woman? Fashion 时尚
The Dilemma of Quality Education in China Becoming "Modern"
Fighting rumors: A new way to supervise the Chinese internet sphere China On-line
The Chinese Middle Class - Agents of Change or Harmony? China Social Hotspots
Photographer Adrian Fisk talks about his iSpeak China project, focusing on the thoughts of young Chinese 80后
Anquangan 安全感 – What women want, and other people as well... Language Subtleties
From Population Quality to Individual Benefit: Two goals that increasingly merge in post-socialist China China Social Hotspots
Chinese Internet Language – The Creative Netizen Mind Modern Chinese Language
Chinese and English versions of China's leading news portals – Two styles of journalism Modern China Culture
Weibo Microblogs – A Western format with new Chinese implications China On-line
Chinese people, English language - A love-fear relationship Becoming "Modern"
裸婚, Naked Marriage - Surrendering to romantic love, not anticipating a pink future 80后
China Social Hotspots
China Social Hotspots
The Taxi Chat - The questions foreigners constantly get in China Culture Shock
Li Na - From an athlete in the shadows to a new national hero Chinese 明星
Rising Divorce rates in China– Is marriage the grave of love? 婚嫁
周杰伦 Jay Chou – Different appeal in East and West China Popular Culture
The social pressure that kills romance Modern China Culture
Revolts and Revolutions – Is the Chinese political 'nature' obedient or rebellious? Return of the Classics
Peixun 培训 - Extracurricular training, modern self-cultivation Language Subtleties
McDonald's China - The McCafe renovation which expands the network towards middle class comfort Becoming "Modern"
Baidu and QQ aren't willing to remain outside the Chinese Social Network market China On-line
Approaching the 'Second Child' – Future plan, motives and public demand China Social Hotspots
Where the youngest child becomes an emperor – Does filial piety exist in 21st century China? 80后
East-West Beauty standards regarding Chinese actresses: Between Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing Chinese 明星
NBA in China - From the TV to the Streets, from Sports Fans to Everyday People China Popular Culture
Justified Remake? Liu Dehua and Gong Li meet at last in 'Wo Zhi Nuren Xin' - 'What Women Want' China Popular Culture
The Laowai Effect – A Symbol of Quality in the Chinese Sky Becoming "Modern"
Romantic Materialism 婚嫁
Fuerdai - The New Agents of Value Deterioration 80后
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