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国足定下半年系列热身赛 首战中国队和巴林队比赛 - A Series of Friendly Matches in World Football Have Been Set for the Next Six Months, China Begins with a Game Against Bahrain print version

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China's national football team (中国男足) preparing for new challenges

As the World Cup has ended international football is tranquil again, though new competition dates set by FIFA is also a topic football fans pays attention to. China's men football team will be one of the teams to participate in several friendly matches, the earliest match has been already decided upon, a game against Bahrain on August 11th in Nanning, Guangxi.

In the same time of the World Cup, the Chinese national team has been training for two weeks in Kunming, as well as organized an international A grade competition. Coach Gao Hongbo lead the team through a non-busy period. After the World Cup was concluded, the China men's national team is becoming busier as a series of friendly games are waiting for it.

According to the schedule organized by FIFA, international matches will take place in September, October and November. China's Football Association requests that Ford must organize six matches. Considering the current situation, the opponents in majority of these six matches have already been fixed. Among the matches is the August 11th game in Nanning, Guangxi, in which China is hosting Southwest Asian team Bahrain, which is also a good preparation to next year's Asian Cup. After all, in the group stage of the Asian Cup China will meet Qatar and Kuwait, two Southwest Asian squads.

In September the European Championship preliminary matches will begin. FIFA has set two match dates, the first on September 3rd and the second on September 7th. The opponent of China's September 3rd match has already been set, it will be Southwest Asian team Iran. This is the second time China plays Iran since Gao Hongbo had become the coach in 2009.

The opponents in the other friendly matches have basically been fixed, including the European teams Latvia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are supposed to play China in friendly games. Furthermore, Syria has offered to play two friendly matches against China earlier on, so it will also be one of China's opponents.

[1] 世界杯 (shìjièbēi) - The football World Cup, held every four years.

[2] 国际足联 (guójìzúlián) - FIFA - International Federation of Association Football (original name in French).

[3] 中国男足 (zhōngguónánzú) - China's national men football team (足 stands for 足球 (zúqiú) - football).

[4] 热身比赛 (rèshēnbǐsài) - 'warm-up competition', in English usually referred to as 'friendly matches', informal games between teams, with no effect on their ranking in future competitions

[5] 国际A级赛 (guójì A jísài) - Top level international football tournaments, based on criteria assembled by FIFA.

[6] 高洪波 (Gāo Hóngbō) - China national football team's head coach since 2009.

[7] 中国足球协会 (zhōngguó zúqiúxiéhuì) - Chinese Football Association

[8] 福特宝公司 (fútèbǎo gōngsī) - Short for 中国福特宝足球产业发展公司 - China Football Industry Development Corp., responsible for Chinese football sponsorship issues, and developing the football industry market.

[9] 亚洲杯 (Yàzhōubēi) - Asian Cup - Asia football championship 

[10] 小组赛 (xiǎozǔsài) - 'Small group competitions', refers to the early group stage in a major tournament.

[11] 欧洲杯 (ōuzhōubēi) - European Football Championship, held every four years. Current champion is Spain

[12] 预选赛 (yùxuǎnsài) - Preliminary match - Matches which determine which team will participate in a major future competition.

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