With all respect to our different sections which attempt to intensify the intercultural bridge between China and non-Chinese users, there is no better way to fill this gap than communicating with a Chinese friend directly. After one minute of signing up you will be able to use this service free of charge and start talking with Chinese friends, who are looking for friends who speak specific foreign tongues. Once you register go directly to the "Find Partner" every time you wish to use this service, where your login name is the email address you have provided. 

语伴的工具也是对中国用户有好处。注册以后,您按照您想练习的语言可以挑选语伴,这样您们俩可以一方面说中文,一方面说语伴的母语。对中国用户这不但是一个让自己提高外语的机会,而且会让您对外国朋友介绍离您亲近的中国文化的方面。第一次注册之后,每当您想用‘语伴速配‘时,请索性地选‘Find Partner’。