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世界紧盯中国春节巨大商机 - The world stares at the retail opportunities of the Chinese New Year print version
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【美国《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)网站2月5日报道】:中国蛇年[4]的新年购物季正从北京(Beijing)的精品店[5]延伸到美国加州(California)的贝弗利希尔斯(Beverly Hills)。大奢侈品牌[6]正在推出各色商品。15天的节日中,数百万度假的中国人将乘飞机出行[7],大举购物。美国和欧洲(Europe)城市的商店已经出现大量与蛇有关的产品,急于吸引来自世界第二大经济体[8]的购物者[9]。据统计,中国消费者去年首次超过美国和日本(Japan)消费者,成为全球最大的奢侈品购买群体。

【《今日美国报》(USA Today)网站2月7日报道】题:农历新年庆祝活动[10]影响世界经济。周日,数百万亚裔[11]美国人和海外的几十亿亚洲人将庆祝农历新年的到来。仅在中国就有2.5亿工人离开工作岗位,与亲朋好友[12]一起过年。这会打断从拉美(Latin America)到非洲(Africa)和中东(Middle East)的贸易流[13]。

Sales promotions that are launched by retailers in the first week of the new lunar year are attracting Chinese consumers. Reports show that sales in China during January-February could increase by 15.4%.

The website of the Wall Street Journal reported on Feb 5: 'The shopping season for the Chinese 'snake year' is now extending from stores for quality products in Beijing to California's Beverly Hills. Brands of luxury items present merchandise of all kinds. During 15 days of vacation, millions of Chinese will take a flight to travel abroad and make extensive shopping. Stores in American and European cities have already presented a large quantity of snake-year-related products, eager to attract consumers of the world second largest economy. Stats indicate that last year was the first time when Chinese consumers surpassed US American and Japanese consumers, becoming the world largest purchasing force of luxury products.'

The webpage of the USA Today reported on Feb 7: 'Celebrations for the Chinese New Year are affecting the world's economy. On Sunday, millions of Asian Americans and billion Asians will celebrate the arrival of the new year. Only in China there are 250 million workers who leave work in order to celebrate the holiday with relatives and friends. This will hold up the flow of trade from Latin America to Africa and the Middle East.'  

Original article published by Xinhua International 

[1] 零售商 língshòushāng - retailers

[2] 农历新年 nónglì xīnnián - new lunar year

[3] 促销 cùxiāo - pomotion

[4] 蛇年 shé nián - Year of the Snake

[5] 精品店 jīng pǐn diàn - quality products

[6] 奢侈品牌 shēchǐ pǐn pái - brands of luxury products

[7] 出行 chū xíng - go traveling

[8] 世界第二大经济体 shìjiè dìèr dà jīngjì tǐ - 'the world's second largest economy', i.e. China

[9] 购物者 gòuwù zhě - shoppers

[10] 庆祝活动 qìngzhù huódòng - celebration activities

[11] 亚裔 yà yì - foreign citizens of Asian origin

[12] 亲朋好友 qīn péng hǎo yǒu - relatives and friends

[13] 贸易流 màoyì liú - flow of trade

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