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李娜对澳网失利:流泪不解决问题 - Li Na after her Australian Open defeat: Crying won't solve my problem print version
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1月26日下午,2013年澳大利亚网球公开赛(Australian Open tennis championship)女单决赛(women's singles final)。比赛中李娜(Li Na)两次意外受伤,最终以1-2的比分[1]失利[2]阿扎伦卡(Victoria Azarenka),三局(three sets)比分分别是6-4、4-6、3-6。



《世界网球》杂志("World Tennis" Magazine)资深记者(senior reporter)约翰・马丁(John Martin)说"虽然未能赢得冠军,但李娜今天却赢得了广大球迷[13]的尊重。

                                 Li Na recovering from her second injury during Yesterday's finals

On January 26 afternoon, the women's finals of the Australian Open tennis tournament was held. Li Na was unexpectedly injured twice during the match, finally losing 1-2 to Azarenka. The score of the three sets was 6-4, 4-6, 3-6.

Li Na's hopes to conquer her the championship were defeated. She said: "Although I'm not young anymore, I still hope to arrive to this place again next year." Many spectators thought that Li Na would quit during both of her injuries, but through her strength and confidence she gained the cheers of the entire crowd.

In the beginning Li Na seemed very relaxed. But the loss made her feel deep regret. Although her voice was sobbing, she didn't let a single tear drop from her eyes. "There is no use in crying. Even if crying is a way to release myself it will not solve the problem"; when saying this, Li Na's face seemed calm again. "When the Australian Open ends a new beginning starts. I should let the past pass."

Senior reporter of the "World Tennis" magazine John Martin said that "although Li Na could win the championship title she still won the appreciation of a vast crowd of tennis fans."

[1] 比分 bǐfēn - score

[2] 失利 shīlì - loss

[3] 冲击 chōngjī - pound, undertake

[4] 冠军 guànjūn - champion

[5] 落空 luò kòng - abolished, defeated

[6] 退赛 tuì sài - quit the match

[7] 坚强 jiān qiáng - strength

[8] 喝彩 hècǎi - cheers

[9] 遗憾 yíhàn - regret, pitty

[10] 哽咽 gěngyè - sobe

[11] 滴眼泪 dī yǎnlèi - teardrop

[12] 宣泄 xuān xiè - drain off, release tension

[13] 球迷 qiúmí - sport fans

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