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全国火车新票价出炉 - New ticket prices for the national railways 'come out of the oven' print version
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从1月1日起,全国铁路[1]将实施新票价[2],新的票价不含有强制意外保险[3]。记者在铁路客户服务中心[4]"12306"上看到,铁路下调[5]后的票价已经出台,票价下降0.5元至4元之间。新票价最大的特色就是出现了很多五毛(5 mao, 1/2 yuan) 的零头[6]。

根据规定,所有铁路旅客[7]不论几等座位[8],保险费包含在火车票价内,金额[9]为基本票价[10]的2%。元旦(New Year's)起取消保险。



From January 1, the national railways will implement new prices for tickets. The new ticket price will not include the compulsory insurance for accidents. Reporters learned for the railways' customer service center '12306' that the company already posted new reduced prices. The price per ticket has dropped by between 0.5 to 4 yuan. The distinguishing feature of the new prices is that they sum up to odd amount with small change (5 mao, 1/2 yuan).

According to past regulations, every train passenger is insured by an insurance of 20,000 yuan. At present the insurance is embodied in the ticket price in an amount which equals to 2% of the elementary price. From New Year's on this insurance price will be abolished.

Prior to this, many residents thought that the price reduction of train tickets will be of 2% of prices, why isn't this the case? Railway workers explained: "The insurance fee is 2% of the elementary ticket price, not of the nominal value of the ticket. For example, a ticket that costs 100 yuan has probably the elementary price of 19-29 yuan, so the price reduction can't be very significant.

Since there are many types (or classes) of tickets, the composition of tickets is complicated and therefore calculating the reduction is also rather complex. Most train tickets are to be reduced by 0.5-4 yuan.

[1] 全国铁路 quánguó tiělù - National Railways

[2] 票价 piào jià - ticket prices

[3] 强制意外保险 qiángzhì yìwài bǎoxiǎn - compulsory accidents' insurance

[4] 客户服务中心 kèhù fúwù zhōngxīn - customer service center

[5] 下调 xià diào - drop of prices

[6] 零头 língtóu - odd amount

[7] 旅客 lǚkè - passengers

[8] 等座位 děng zuòwèi - class of seat

[9] 金额 jīn é - amount of money

[10] 基本票价 jīběn piào jià - elementary price, price before additional fees

[11] 票面价格 piào miàn jiàgé - nominal value (price including fees in this case)

[12] 构成 gòuchéng - compose of

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