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肯德基原料鸡被曝光 - The scandal of KFC's raw chicken is exposed print version
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一则关于"粟海集团(Suhai group, a meat supplier from Shanxi province)供KFC原料[1]鸡45天速成[2]"的消息吸引了高度关注。24日,供应商[3]粟海集团在其官方网站[4]上发表声明指出:"我司使用的是中国肉鸡行业[5]普遍使用的白羽鸡(white feathered chicken),45天属于正常生长",并强调该公司对鸡养殖[6]过程"严格执行国家相关标准"。 

肯德基(KFC)和麦当劳(McDonald's)两家快餐[7]企业也在微博(Weibo, China's leading microblog)发布有关声明[8]。麦当劳官方微博说"报道中说到的供应商不是我们现有鸡肉供应商。"而肯德基则解释说"粟海集团在肯德基鸡肉原料供应仅占鸡肉采购量的1%左右。"但是肯德基方面也讲到,会进行调查而加强检验[9]。

Recent news that 'Suhai group (a large meat supplier from Shanxi province) supplied KFC with raw material from chicken that were instantly bred for 45 days' has drew wide public attention. On November 24, the supplier Suhai group published a statement on its official webpage: "Our business uses white chicken that is commonly used by the Chinese meat industry. 45 days is considered a normal time of growth." The company also emphasized that it "strictly follows that national standards" concerning chicken breeding.

The fast-food chains KFC and McDonald's also posted statements on Weibo. The official statement by McDonald's said "the supplier mentioned in the report is not our current meat supplier." KFC explained by saying: "Suhai group supplies only 1% of the raw meat for KFC." Nevertheless, KFC stated that it would investigate the matter and strengthen its inspections.

Original article published by 财经网 

[1] 原料 yuánliào - raw material

[2] 速成 sùchéng - fast-growing

[3] 供应商 gōngyìng shāng - supplier

[4] 官方网站 guānfāng wǎngzhàn - official website

[5] 肉鸡行业 ròu jī hángyè - meat industry

[6] 养殖 yǎngzhí - breed

[7] 快餐 kuàicān - fast-food

[8] 声明 shēngmíng - announcement

[9] 检验 jiǎnyàn - inspection

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