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“光棍节”超千万人网购 - Over 10 million shop the internet for 'Bachelors Day' print version
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11月11号,被很多年轻人称为"光棍节"。近年来光棍节成了一个越来越流行的节日。很多商家也打出了促销(sale promotion)的招牌(store signs),尤其是一些电子商务网站(E-commerce websites) ,展开了促销打折(discount)的宣传。

11月11日,天猫网(Tianmao Wang, one of China's largest E-commerce websites)官方数据(official data)显示,1小时10分种时已达20亿。仅仅在开放活动的第一分钟,就有超过1000万人涌入('gush into')天猫。 虽然商家希望趁光棍节促销,但很多商家还是对电子商物网站的促销采取观望态度(skeptic, wait-and-see attitude),多数商家仍然根据自己的实际需求选择在网上购买的商品。

对于这种逢节促销的商业活动,社科院经济研究所(Economy Research Institute of The Academy of Social Sciences)的袁钢明先生认为,这是商家在市场压力下的一种积极应对办法,来适应消费者(consumers)消费能力(consuming capacities)。"

11/11 is the day that many youngsters refer to as "Bachelors Day". In recent years, it has become a 'holiday' of growing popularity. Many shops present signs of sale promotion, particularly some E-commerce websites which offer discounts to market their products.

Official data from Tianmao Wang shows that on 11/11 within one hour and 10 minutes they have reached a profit of 2 billion. 10 million people already gushed into Tianmao on the first minute of sales activity. Although the store hopes to take advantage of Bachelors Day with sale promotions, many E-commerce websites are more skeptic about internet sale promotions. Many of them still offer products for sale according to their direct needs.

Concerning these holiday commerce sales, Yuan Gangming of the economic research institute at the Academy of Social Sciences believes that this is a positive reaction to the pressure that businesses sense in the market, and a way for them to answer consumers' consuming capacities.

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