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黄庆军的摄影作品展示百姓的 - Huang Qingjun's photos exhibit the 'family property' of ordinary Chinese print version
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Photography works that exhibit the changing social landscape in China become fashionable this year. After the iSpeak China project of Adrian Fisk and China 2050 by Bernard Cezard, a Chinese photorgrapher, Huang Qingjun, is showing us the belongings of the 'average' Chinese families.     

黄庆军(Huang Qingjun)的摄影作品[1]展"家当[2]"目前正在北京(Beijing)展出。黄庆军说:"我想要展示普通百姓[3],展示他们在家中和周围的环境里的状态,以及二者之间的联系。"总的来说,中国正在越变越富,但是作品的拍摄对象[4]都是并不太富足的人们。黄庆军表示,想去富人家拍摄,但是他们不想让我们看到他们有多富有。




The photography work of Huang Qingjun, 'Family Property', is now being exhibited in Beijing. Huang Qingjun said: "I want to exhibit ordinary people, exhibit their conditions at home and their surrounding environment, as well as both of them together." Generally speaking, China is becoming more and more prosperous, yet the objects of the photos are people who are not quite rich. Huang Qingjun said that he also wanted to shoot homes of rich people, but they didn't want to display their wealth.

From north to south of China, from small villages to large cities, these photos show various different sights. However, these photos also have a common ground: in the central position of the frame there is always a television set. Huang Qingjun said that television, which used to symbolize wealth in the past, is now not so fashionable. Ordinary Chinese nowadays prefer to show off a car or an apartment as a symbol of wealth.

Next year will be the 10th year of this photography project. Huang Qingjun plans to return to the houses that he had shot and see observe what has changed.

[1] 摄影作品 shèyǐng zuòpǐn - Work of photography

[2]家当 jiā dàng - Family property

[3] 百姓 bǎixìng - 'Ordinary' people

[4] 拍摄对象pāishè duìxiàng - object of the photos

[5] 景象 jǐngxiàng - sight, scene

[6] 中央的位置 zhōngyāng de wèizhi - central position

[7] 财富象征 cáifù xiàngzhēng - symbol of wealth

[8] 炫耀性 xuànyào xìng - 'show off'

[9] 消费 xiāofèi - consumption product

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