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北京大葱价上涨近5倍 - Prices of Green Onion in Beijing increased by almost 600% print version
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Yesterday, reporters in many markets of agricultural products discovered that the average wholesale price of green onion is now 7yuan/Kg, an increase of almost 6 times the price last year (1.2 yuan).

Green onion in Beijing's wholesale market arrives mainly from Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei and some other provinces. Working staff at the market said that on the one hand low output leads to a short supply of green onion, while on the other hand climate change is also a factor in the rise of prices. Continuous low temperatures in the north and the cloudy rainy weather in the south affect the growing cycle of green onion, bringing about its short supply.

An expert explained by saying that in 2010 and 2011 there was a sharp drop of green onion prices, leading to less initiative by farmers this year.

Workers at the market also said that they hope that after March green onion prices will drop again. This could happen due to greater onion supply from Shanghai and Zhejiang.

Original article published by 中国网

[1] 农产品市场 nóng chǎnpǐn shìchǎng - Market of agricultural products

[2] 大葱 dà cōng - Green Chinese onion

[3] 批发均价 pīfā jūn jià - Wholesale average price

[4] 批发市场 pīfā shìchǎng - Wholesale market

[5] 减产 jiǎnchǎn - Reduce output

[6] 紧缺 jǐn quē - In short supply

[7] 气候变化 qìhòu biànhuà - Climate change

[8] 低温 dīwēn - Low temperatures

[9] 阴雨 yīnyǔ - Cloudy and rainy

[10] 生长周期 shēngzhǎng zhōuqī - Growth/cultivation cycle

[11] 积极性 jījíxìng - Initiative, enthusiasm

[12] 回落 huíluò - Fall after a rise

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