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中央推进文化体制改革 - China promotes a structural reform in Culture print version
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Recently the Chinese Communist Party has decided upon reforms in culture and the promotion of mainland creativity. Many Chinese officials and scholars believe that China must export more cultural creations (books, TV shows, movies, etc) to the international market, becoming not only an economical and political power, but also a cultural one. The following article refers to that decision, and although it mentions the high production of art and culture in China, it doesn't mention the calls for greater international recognition of modern Chinese culture. Foreign scholars, on the other hand, claim that government supervision supresses original culture creativity in China.


有专家分析《决定》(the approval of the policy)认为,这是提出建设文化强国长远战略[6]是公报[7]的最大亮点,我国文化改革发展进入一个新的阶段。 7月1日,胡锦涛主席(Chairman Hu Jintao)发表讲话时强调,要加快文化体制改革。          


On October 18, the 6th Plenary Conference of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party ended in Beijing. The conference has decided upon 'the structural form of deepening culture, the decision to promote the significant issue of great development of the socialist culture'. This is the first time since 2007 that the Chinese Communist Party makes culture as a topic for discussion in its plenary sessions.

Some experts, who analyze the decision, believe that this strategy to construct a long-term cultural nation is the biggest shining point within the 'decision', and that China's cultural reform is entering a new stage. On July 1st, chairman Hu Jintao emphasized, during a speech, that the structural cultural reform should be accelerated.

At present, book publishers and movie & TV creators have basically accomplished the task of this reform. Until now, the sum of published books in China stands in the first place worldwide; the output of movie production is maintained above 500 per year, for several years consecutively, making it the 3rd biggest movie producer worldwide; more than 10,000 TV series are produced annually, making China the biggest producer of TV shows.

Original article published by 中国周刊 China Weekly

[1] 中国共产党 zhōngguó gòngchǎndǎng - Chinese Communist Party

[2] 第十七届中央委员会第六次全体会议 dìshíqī jiè zhōngyāngwěiyuánhuì dìliù cì quántǐ huìyì - The 6th Plenary Session of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party; the 6th session of the 17 CP Committee was held in October 15-18. The 17th Central Committee was elected in 2007 and will end in 2012. The Committee is comprised of approximately 350 members, and although it doesn't exercise legislative power as governmental bodies do, it certainly influences the direction of China's development paths.

[3] 闭幕 bìmù - The curtain falls, end

[4]中央全会 zhōngyāngquánhuì - Short for 'plenary session' of the CP Central Committee

[5] 《中共中央关于深化文化体制改革、推动社会主义文化大发展大繁荣若干重大问题的决定》zhōnggòngzhōngyāng guānyú shēnhuà wénhuà tǐzhì gǎigé 、 tuīdòng shèhuìzhǔyì wénhuà dài fāzhǎn dài fánróng ruògān zhòngdà wèntí de juédìng - A decision, that, in short, calls for the development of 'socialist culture', and more concretely states the importance of making China a worldwide cultural power.

[6] 战略 zhànluè - Strategy

[7] 公报 gōngbào - Protocol, bulletin

[8]出版 chūbǎn - Book publishing

[9] 影视制作 yǐngshì zhìzuò - Movie & TV creators

[10] 电影产量 diànyǐng chǎnliàng - Movie 'yield', number of movies produced

[11] 电视剧 diànshìjù - TV series

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