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世界杯:中国女排3比2战胜日本女排 - China defeated Japan 3-2 in the Women's Volleyball World Cup print version
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After winning the Asian Championship a month and a half ago, China's Women's Volleyball team is hoping to get a good result in the current World Championship held in Japan. Today's victory is described here with many terms taken from the 'battlefield'.




November 6th, the 2011 Women's Volleyball World Cup has entered the third competition day. China's Women's Volleyball team met its last opponent in the first round, Japan. In their first two games China and Japan both achieved the result of 1 victory and 1 defeat. This match was very important for both teams, and after going through a bitter battle of 5 sets, China defeated Japan 3-2. The exact score is: 20-25, 25-19, 20-25, 25-23 and 15-13.

In this World Cup competition, China and Japan will both play in the second round of teams, making today's match very significant for both sides. Japan's team made a great defense game, while the Chinese players demonstrated a strong net game. In the Asian championship this year, China has beaten Japan 3-1, on its way to become champion.

In today's game, the Chinese team's lineup was as follows: Wang Yimei, Hui Ruoqi, Ma Yunwen, Yang Junjing, Wei Qiuyue, Zhang Lei and Zhang Xian.

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[1] 2011女排世界杯 nǚ pái shìjiè bēi - 2011 FIVB Women's World Cup, held in Japan, 4-18 November

[2] 迎战 yíng zhàn - Meet an enemy

[3] 五局 wǔ jú - 5 sets

[4]苦战 kǔ zhàn - Bitter battle

[5] 第二集团 dìèr jítuán - The second round

[6] 防守 fángshǒu - Defense

[7] 网上实力 wǎngshàng shílì- Net force, the skill expressed near the volleyball net

[8] 亚锦赛 yà jǐn sài - Asian Women's Volleyball Championship, held in Taiwan in September this year. China won championship.

[9] 冠军 guànjūn - Champion

[10] 阵容 zhènróng - Lineup

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