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For the first time, a professional international UCI Bicycle Competition was held in Beijing. The country were bicycle is used as a major means of transport is now getting a closer look of professional racing. The following article also describes the hobby of cycling, as a semi-professional middle class hobby.




The UCI (Union Cycliste International) World Tour Bicycle Competition was held in Beijing yesterday, for the first time. Bicycle fans truly enjoyed the pleasure of the competition.

Most excited were bicycle lovers. Liu Ning is a young bicycle fan. He told reporters that he met many bicycle lovers through a QQ group, together forming a bicycle team. He said: "We are all basically youngsters in age 25, more or less; the oldest is no more than 35 years. Not only we enjoy the scenery, we also race fast. It's a real pleasure. On weekends, we always choose a journey route that is a classic bicycle track. Among our members, the most expensive equipment is worth more than 20,000 yuan, while the cheapest is around 4000. We also have our own bicycle technicians."

Xiao Shuiren, age 23, is also a big bicycle fan. He said: "From a young age I liked riding the bicycle, since it makes me feel good both mentally and physically. I hope to have the initiative to encourage people to ride bicycle, as it promotes the idea of green (ecological) commuting."

Original article published by Beijing Evening News 北京晚报 bjwb.bjd.com.cn 

[1] UCI首届环北京职业国际公路自行车赛 shǒu jiè huán běijīng zhíyè guójì gōnglù zìxíngchē sài - UCI (Union Cycliste International) first World Tour Bicycle Competition in Beijing; the UCI has held their first ever international competition in China recently (5-9/10), as a part of the UCI professional tour.

[2] 发烧友 fāshāo yǒu - Crazy fan, lover of a hobby

[3] 爱好者 àihàozhě - Fan or lover of a hobby

[4] 群 qún - Internet group (here referring to a theme group on the QQ social network)

[5] 自行车队 zìxíngchē duì - Bicycle team; a team of bicycle lovers who ride their bicycles together

[6] 过瘾 guò yǐn - To enjoy a hobby to the fullest

[7] 路线 lùxiàn - Route, trail, track

[8] 成员 chéngyuán - Team member

[9] 装备 zhuāngbèi - Equipment

[10] 技师 jìshī - Techinician

[11] 绿色 lǜsè - 'Green', ecological