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中秋节来临,月饼未标价 - Mid-Autumn Fesitval is arriving, there is no standard price for Moon-cakes print version
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As the Mid-Autumn Festival is arriving, Chinese rush to buy moon-cakes for the festive event, enjoying the fact that normally 1-2 before the holiday, moon-cakes are offered for discount prices. The following Hunan-based article questions such discounts and price standards of yue bing 月饼.

中秋节[1]将至,各色月饼登场[2],市场价格[3]是否规范[4]?昨日,湖南省(Hunan province)物价局[5]与长沙市(Changsha city)物价局联合开展节前市场检查[6],发现一些"打折[7]月饼[8]"未标价[9]。物价部门相关负责人指出,打折月饼应标明商品的原价[10]和折扣价[11],否则最高可处以5000元罚款[12]。

物价部门昨日检查了长沙市的部分超市[13]。在岳麓区(Yue Lu district)的人人乐超市(RenRen Le, a Chinese supermarket chain),月饼专柜打出"六折"促销牌[14],但有些礼盒装[15]月饼并未按"六折"销售:原价568元的礼盒,现价396元。检查人员立刻向责超市负责人询问。


The Mid-Autumn Festival is about to arrive and all kinds of moon cakes are coming on stage. Is the market price standardized? Yesterday, the Hunan Province Commodity Price Department and Changsha city Commodity Price Department have together launched a pre-holiday market inspection, discovering that discounted moon cakes don't have a clear market price. Relevant personnel in the Commodity Price Departments pointed out that discounted moon cakes should be marked with the product original price and discounted price, otherwise a fine as high as 5000 RMB can be enforced.

The Commodity Price Department has inspected some supermarkets in Changsha yesterday. In the 'Everyone Happy' (renren le) supermarket in Yue Lu district, the special moon-cake sales counter had a sales promotion sign of '40% off', but some box-packed moon-cakes certainly weren't sold at a 40% discount price: A gift package of an original price of 568 RMB is now 396 RMB (30% discount). The inspectors immediately interrogated supermarket responsible personnel.

If the moon-cake price is very inconsistent, townspeople can consult the supermarket and get a refund, or can complain at the Commodity Price Departments. If it is confirmed that enterprises' conduct is a price fraud, Commodity Price Department shall deal with them severely.

月饼 Mooncake selection in a rare crowd-free surrounding
Original item published by Hunan Rednet 湖南红网 (

[1] 中秋节 zhōngqiūjié - Mid-Autumn Festival; an ancient holiday, held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar, worshiping the moon and celebrating the end of autumn harvesting. This year the holiday is celebrated on September 12th.

[2] 登场 dēng chǎng - 'Go on stage', 'be presented' (in this case 'offered for sale')

[3] 市场价格 shìchǎng jiàgé - Market price

[4] 规范 guīfàn - Standardization, regualtion

[5] 物价局 wùjià jú - Price Bureau, Commodity Price Department

[6] 市场检查 shìchǎng jiǎnchá - Market inspection

[7] 打折 dǎzhé - Discount

[8]月饼 yuèbǐng - Moon cake; a bakery product of moist moon-shape cookies with thick filling (sweet beans, lotus seeds and more)

[9] 标价 biāojià - Standard prices

[10] 原价 yuán jià - Original price

[11] 折扣价 zhékòu jià - Price after discount

[12] 罚款 fákuǎn - Penalty, fine

[13] 超市 chāoshì - Supermarket

[14]促销牌 cùxiāo pái - Sales promotions sign

[15] 礼盒装 lǐ hé zhuāng - Gift package

[16] 出入 chūrù - Divergence

[17] 退款 tuì kuǎn - Refund

[18] 价格欺诈 jiàgé qīzhà - Price fraud

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