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Moments after finishing the final 110m hurdles race in the Athletics World Championships in South Korea in the third place, Liu Xiang mentioned modestly to the Chinese media that he was hit by the champion Robles during the race, but then continued and said he blames nobody and 'it's just a game'. An hour later Robles was disqualified by the organizing committee, and Liu was 'promoted' to second place. During the race, Liu and Robles run shoulder to shoulder, before Liu lost his balance in the last hurdle (probably after being hit by robles) and finished third. This Chinese media article and interview was made when it was assumed Liu won bronze, and it shows how the media and Liu treated the incident with slight disappointment, but also pride.



没能如预期般拿到金牌,心情多少回受到影响,但刘翔却相对淡定[14]:"运动员都是要面对这样高高低低的起伏[15],我也不是个孩子,心态多少比较稳定,所以不会怎么样,还是要往前看。"世锦赛结束之后,接下来的重头戏[16]自然是伦敦奥运(London Olympics (2012)),但刘翔对于这场四年一度的盛事却没有太多想法:"关于奥运会没有想太多,加油[17]加油加油吧,哈哈,真的没有想太多,但作为运动员,这肯定是我职业生涯[18]最后一届奥运会,总之努力加油就对了。"

It can be seen from in slow-motion caption that Liu Xiang has been hit by Robles' arm and Liu's inner leg hanged on the last hurdle, such a pity. Although Liu Xiang couldn't win a gold medal in the men's 110m hurdles in the Athletics World Championship, he is still one of the most shining stars of tonight. After the competition, bronze-medal winner Liu Xiang has also found time to answer questions of CCTV reporter. When facing the camera, Liu Xiang expressed his emotion in that very moment.

Covered by the 5-star red flag (China's flag), Liu Xiang run one lap, waving to the spectators in the site. Tonight, the father of Liu Xiang, his teammates Shi Dongpeng, Jiang Fan and other people came to the site to watch the race. After the competition, the reporter sent his greetings: "Congratulations for winning the bronze medal, although it isn't gold." Liu Xiang answered smiling: "I have some regrets. In the last moment he simply hit me once, hit me twice, but I blame nobody, this is the competition, it is a game and we should still enjoy the happiness of such a competition."

He couldn't win a gold medal like he expected, and his mood can be somewhat influenced, but Liu Xiang is rather light: "All athletes have to face these kinds of high-low ups and downs. I'm not a child, and I'm quite stable mentally, therefore I will look ahead." After the race ended, the next important project is naturally the London Olympics, yet Liu Xiang doesn't have many thought regarding this once-in-four-years grand occasion: "Concerning the London Olympics I haven't thought so much. 'Step on it, step on it, step on it! Haha, I really haven't thought too much, but as an athlete, this will certainly be the last Olympics in my professional career. In short: Making an effort and stepping on it. This is just about it."

Liu and Robles in the final race. It can be seen Robles is 'invading' into Liu's lane

Original article published by QQ.com

[1] 慢镜头 màn jìngtóu - Slow-motion

[2] 刘翔 liú xiáng - 27 yrs old  2004 Olympic gold medalist 110m hurdles runner, who is esteemed in China for being the first track & field Chinese man to win an Olympic gold. A foot injury prevented Liu from competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympic, and during 2011 he returned to the highest levels of competition.

[3] 罗伯斯 luō bó sī - Dayron Robles, a 25 years old Cuban 110m hurdles runner, who set the world record on 12.87 seconds in June 2008.

[4] 栏 lán - Hurdle

[5] 田径世锦赛 tiánjìng shì jǐn sài - Athletics (track&field) World Championships, held in Daegu, South Korea, 27.8-4.9.2011

[6]男子110米栏比赛 nánzǐ mǐ lán bǐsài - Men's 110m hurdles race

[7] 金牌 jīnpái - Gold medal

[8] 铜牌 tóngpái - Bronze medal

[9] 央视记者 yāng shì jìzhě - Reporter of China Central Television (CCTV), the national TV station

[10] 镜头 jìngtóu - Camera

[11] 五星红旗 wǔ xīng hóngqí - 5-star red flag, the Chinese national flag

[12] 挥手致意 huī shǒu zhì yì - Wave and greet

[13] 队友 duì yǒu - Teammates

[14] 淡定 dàn ding  - Light and firm, a cool state of mind

[15] 起伏 qǐfú - Ups and downs

[16] 重头戏 zhòng tóu xì - Big project, big task

[17] 加油 jiāyóu - 'Step on it!' 'Go!'; a very common cheer in China, also meaning 'making an extra effort'

[18] 职业生涯 zhíyè shēngyá - Professional career