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5月出口增速回落 内外压力加大 - Growth rate of export drops in May, domestic and foreign pressure becomes more intense print version
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海关总署[1]10日发布统计数据[2]显示,5月我国外贸进出口总值[3]达3012.7亿美元,增长23.5%。其中出口[4]1571.6亿美元,增长19.4%。进口[5]1441.1亿美元,增长28.4%。5月贸易顺差[6] 130.5亿美元。 据海关统计,1-5月,我国进出口总值14017.9亿美元,同比增长27.4%。其中出口7123.8亿美元,同比增长25.5%;进口6894.1亿美元,同比增长29.4%。累计贸易顺差229.7亿美元,同比减少35.1%。分析人士[7]认为,进口增速超过出口将成为一种长期趋势[8]。



Statistic data published by the Customs head office on June 10th shows that China's gross export value for May reached $301.27 billion, a growth of 23.5%. Among this amount, the value of export was $157.16 billion, a growth of 19.4%, while import value was $144.11 billion, a growth of 28.4%. The favorable balance of trade in May was $13.05 billion. According to the customs statistics, between January and May, China's gross export value was $1401.79 billion, a growth of 27.4% (compared to last year), including an export value of $712.38 billion, a growth of 25.5% and an import value of $689.41 billion, a growth of 29.4%. Altogether the favorable balance of trade was $22.97 billion, a drop of 35.1%. Analysts believe that the increased growth rate of import, exceeding the growth of export, is becoming a long term tendency.

Relevant personnel say that the fact that during May import growth rate has increased, exceeding export, reflects that China's policy of import expansion has is very effective. Yet the fact that the growth rate of export is lower than anticipated, though it has to do with the quite high base number last year, the fact that export is facing growing domestic and foreign factors, intensifying pressure, cannot be ignored.

In May, the favorable balance of trade was still lower than market expectations. Some analysts believe that in the anticipated situation that the increased speed of foreign and domestic economy falls after a rise, many countries initiate policies for raising interest rates which affect export. The extent import is falling (after a rise) is lower than the extent export is falling. Therefore, the annual favorable balance trade drops by much compared to last year's $1.831 billion.

[1]海关总署 hǎiguānzǒngshǔ - Customs head office

[2] 统计数据 tǒngjìshùjù - Statistic date

[3] 外贸进出口总值 wàimào jìnchūkǒu zǒngzhí - Gross import & export value of foreign trade

[4] 出口 chūkǒu - Export

[5]进口 jìnkǒu - Import

[6] 贸易顺差 màoyìshùnchā - Favorable balance of trade, usually signifies having export value exceed import value

[7] 分析人士 fēnxīrénshì - Analysis personnel, analysts

[8] 长期趋势 chángqī qūshì - Long-term tendency

[9] 回落 huí luò - A fall after a rise (of prices, money data, etc)

[10] 加息 jiā xī - Raise interest rates

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