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第十二届苏迪曼杯世界羽毛球混合团体锦标赛青岛开赛 - The 12th World Sudirman Mixed Teams Badminton Championships Cup begins in Qingdao print version
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The Opening ceremony of the 12th World Sudirman Mixed Teams Badminton Championships Cup begins in Qingdao on the evening of May 21st. In the ceremony, the International Badminton Federation announced the best sportsman and sportswoman of 2010, Li Zongwei from Malaysia and Wang Xin from China, respectively.

Some information about this competition was introduced during the ceremony: The official match dates are May 22 to May 29; teams representing 33 countries and regions are taking part in this competition, divided into four levels, from high to low, according to their overall strength.

The Chinese team is very strong. In previous Sudirman Cup Championships, the Chinese team won the title seven times, and reached the finals eight time consecutively, and moreover, last time they reached the first place without losing one match. In this competition, the Chinese team belongs to the first level. Altogether there are 12 teams, divided into four groups. The top two teams of each group (the 8 strongest teams) will take part in the quarterfinals.

[1] 第十二届苏迪曼杯世界羽毛球混合团体锦标赛 dìshíèr jiè sū dí màn bēi shìjiè yǔmáoqiú hùnhé tuántǐ jǐnbiāosài - The12th 2011 Sudirman Cup World Mixed Team Badminton (team with both men and female players) Championships, held in Qingdao, May 22-29. The Sudirman Cup is the World Team Badminton Championships, held every two years. The Cup is named after Dick Sudirman, a former Indonesian Badminton player.

[2] 开赛仪式 kāi sài yíshì - Competition opening ceremony

[3]国际羽联 guójì yǔ lián - International Badminton Federaion

[4] 级别 jíbié - Levels, ranks

[5] 夺冠 duóguàn - Win a championship

[6] 决赛 juésài - Finals

[7] 问鼎 wèn dǐng - Seek or win first place

[8] 小组 xiǎozǔ - 'Small groups', the groups in the preliminary stages of a competition

[9] 八强 bā qiǎng - The 8 strongest teams

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