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香港电影金像奖,不少经典片段 - The Hong Kong Film Awards: Many classic moments print version
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"第30届香港电影金像奖"[1]颁奖礼[2]昨晚在尖沙咀文化中心举行,《狄仁杰之通天帝国》('Detective D')[3]夺得"最佳导演"[4]等6个奖项,小成本制作[5]的《打擂台》('Gallants')[6]得到4个奖,包括大奖"最佳电影"[7]。

今年播出不少经典片段,志伟亦[8]在台上谈到当替身[9]武师的辛酸过去,台下嘉宾[10]都起立致敬。获终生成就奖[11]的黎筱娉[12]也感谢家人30多年的支持。刘嘉玲[13]六次竞争金像奖 "最佳女主角"[14],终于获奖,嘉玲在台很开心,又眼泛泪光。分别感谢母亲和丈夫给予的支持。


'The 30th Hong Kong Film Festival Awards' award ceremony was held in the Jianshaju Cultural Center yesterday night. 'Detective D' has won the 'best director' and other five prizes, while the low-budget production 'Gallants' won four awards, including the big 'best movie' award.

This year's ceremony displayed many classic moments, with Zhi Weiyi standing on stage on talking about his bitter past as a Wushu (martial arts) substitute, making the honored guests in the crowd stand and applause. Li Xiaoping, who achieved the award for life achievements, has thanked her family for thirty years of support. Liu Jialing (Carina Lau), who was competing for the 'best leading female actress' award for the 6th time, finally won the award, and seemed thrilled on stage, with glistening teardrops flooding her eyes. She has thanked her mother and husband for the support they gave her.

When Xu Ke (Tsui Hark) won the 'best director award' through 'Detective D', he seemed happy on stage, indicating that this is the second prize he wins, many years after the first one. He thanked the working personnel in-front and behind the scenes, since working with him on the set is extremely difficult. Finally, he expressed many thanks to the support of Shi Nansheng, who supported him in difficult circumstances. Shi Nansheng, who sat in the audience, was touched deeply, with her eyes becoming moist when hearing those words, and the whole audience was applauding thunderously. When 'Gallants'won 'best movie' award, producer Lin Jiadong (Gordon Lam) said with excitement: "This film received the assistance of many people, because of them 'Gallants' could successfully come into being. No matter how the movie is doing in the box office, the essence of the movie is actually the spirit of Hong Kong people, the spirit of Hong Kong films!"

[1] "第30届香港电影金像奖" dì 30 jiè xiānggǎng diànyǐng jīn xiàng jiǎng - The 30th Hong Kong Film Awards, one of the most prestigious film awards in the region of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, initiated in 1982.

[2] 颁奖礼bān jiǎng lǐ - Award-presenting ceremony

[3] 《狄仁杰之通天帝国》dí rén jié zhī tòng tiān dìguó - 'Detective D', a movie directed by Hark Tsui (徐克), starring Andy Lau (刘德华).

[4] "最佳导演" zuìjiā dǎoyǎn - 'Best director'

[5] 小成本制作xiǎo chéngběn zhìzuò - Low-budget production

[6] 《打擂台》dǎ lèi tái - A Kong-fu comedy, which has won the 'best movie award' in the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards

[7] "最佳电影" zuìjiā diànyǐng - 'Best movie'

[8] 志伟亦 zhì wěiyì

[9] 替身 tì shēn - 'Substitute, double'

[10] 嘉宾 jiā bīn - Honored guests

[11] 终生成就奖 zhōng shēngchéng jiù jiǎng  - Award for life achievements

[12] 黎筱娉 lí xiǎopīng - Woman president of the Hong Kong Jiaochuan Zhouli Group and spokesman of the movie industry, who won the award for life achievements in these Hong Kong Film Awards. 

[13] 刘嘉玲 liú jiālíng - Carina Lau (46), a Chinese actress, who is living in Hong Kong since a young age. In these award ceremony she won 'best actress' award for her role in 'Detective D'.

[14] "最佳女主角" zuìjiā rǔ zhǔjué - 'Best main female role'

[15]徐克 xúkè  - Xu Ke, also known as Hark Tsui, a 61 yrs old Hong Kong film director, who one this year's 'best director award' for 'Detective D'

[16] 台前幕后工作人员 tái qián mù hòu gōngzuò rényuán - Front stage (台前) and backstage (幕后) working staff

[17] 施南生 shī nánshēng - Female, 60, an important producer and figure in the Hong Kong movie industry

[18] 掌声雷动 zhǎngshēng léi dòng - Thunderous applause

[19] 监制 jiānzhì - Movie producer

[20] 林家栋 lín jiā dòng - Lin Jiadong, also known as Gordon Lam, a Chinese actor, though who has won an award for the production 'Gallants'.

[21] 票房 piào fang - Box-office, ticket sales

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