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人民日报:别让裁判毁了CBA联赛 - The People's Daily: Don't allow the referees destroy the CBA (China Basketball Association) League print version
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In recent days, the disturbance in the competition of the men's basketball league doesn't cease. On the evening of the 27th, the match between Jiangsu team and Zhejiang team produced news with 'the clock being cut off and standing still in the last two seconds, when the ball was possessed by the Jiangsu team'.

In a key number of games in succession, controversial penalties (referee calls) took place, it should be said that it's unlikely that these events have occurred coincidently. Concerning the issue of referees in the men's basketball league, in 'street stalls' there have been a debate in this matter already long ago. Although in the past the controversies weren't so big, still the referees' problem has already evoked the anxiety of people earlier on.

The achievements which the men's basketball league has been able to accomplish up to now are not easy and exceptional. If due to the problem of referee calls they will lose their credit within the media in ball fans, then it is likely that the progress of the men's basketball league will be covered by an unnecessary shadow.

Concerning the problem of calls during basketball matches, because the quality of referees is uneven, the emergence of some unexpected situations is unavoidable. Referee-calls' controversies which take place on the competition court are by no means terrible, what is terrible is the fact that referees who mistake are not corrected on time, and even scarier is the fact that the mistakes originate from a subjective intention and show an ulterior motive.

If the men's basketball league wishes to consider a good method to solve this problem, it must ensure that the competition is authentice and that referee-calls are fair. Moreover, if it wants to achieve this point, this should be initiated by China's Basketball Association and by a strict self-discipline (attitude) of each club.

[1] 男篮联赛 nán lán lián sài - Men's basketball league (short for 中国男子篮球职业联赛), the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), the professional league of Chinese basketball, initiated in 1995 and comprised of 17 teams.

[2] 江苏队,浙江队 jiāngsū duì zhèjiāng duì - Jiansu team, Zhejiang team; two teams who play in the Chinese basketball league

[3] 判罚 pàn fá - Penalties; here meaning fouls and other referee calls during a basketball game.

[4] 裁判 cáipàn - Referee, basketball referee

[5] 球迷 qiúmí - Ball-fans, basketball fans

[6] 中国篮协 lán xié - The managing organization of the Chinese Basketball Association

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