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"这次不提案[1],主要是去交流学习的......"2月28日晚,刘翔[2]表示他将于3月1日飞赴北京,参加两会[3]。 "去年的提案是经过精心准备的,今年因为太忙,没有时间准备,所以就不递交提案了......"2月28日晚,刘翔在接受采访时表示,两会讨论的都是国家大事,如果不事先精心准备,就没必要提出提案了。



"This time I don't prepare a proposal, the main point is to exchange knowledge" -  On the night of February 28th, Liu Xiang said that he will arrive at Beijing on March 1st and participate in the 'Two-Conferences' (meetings of the National People's Congress and of the Chinese People Political Consultative Congress). "Last year's draft has been painstakingly prepared, this year, because I'm too busy, I do not have time to prepare it, therefore I won't hand over a proposal". On the evening of February 28th, Liu Xiang said, when responding to interviews, that the discussions topic of the 'Two-Conferences' are all national affairs; If he doesn't prepare it painstakingly in advance, there is no necessity to pose a draft.

Liu Xiang's coach Sun Haiping said that during the last three months and more, Liu Xiang almost didn't have any resting time. In order to improve his athletic competitive level, he was basically always in the course of training or competitions, therefore it was difficult to find time to prepare a draft. In the situation of planning to attend the 'Two-Conferences', Liu Xiang still couldn't feel relaxed about his training. He also said that because Liu Xiang is regarded as a high level athlete, he shouldn't slacken his training. Only in this manner he could strengthen the past training foundation.

Liu Xiang will be able to fly back to Shanghai only during ten days in the middle of March. Sun Haiping said that after returning to Shanghai and practicing a period of time, he might arrange for Liu Xiang to go with Shanghai's track & field team to attend a competition in Japan, and afterwards return to Shanghai and continue to train, preparing for two competitions in May.

[1] 提案 tíàn - Draft, proposal - Here mentioned in as a document of ideas and suggestion one presents in front of a congress. Athlete Liu Xiang was invited to present such draft (on sport related issues) during the 'Liang-hui' (see 3) conventions.

[2] 刘翔 liú xiáng - 27 yrs old  2004 Olympic gold medalist 110m hurdles runner, who is esteemed in China for being the first track & field Chinese man to win an Olympic gold. A foot injury prevented Liu from competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympic, and is now still in a 'comeback' course, hoping to repeat the results he achieved before the injury.

[3] 两会 liǎng huì - A term for the simultaneous sessions in China's two main congresses: The National People's Congress (NPC, 全国人民代表大会), the legislative house in China and Chinese People Political Consultative Congress (CPPCC, 中国人民政治协商会议), a political advisory body representing several parties and organizations.  Besides of party and government representatives, relevant members of society are also invited to these conventions, and such is the case with Liu Xiang.

[4] 田径 tiánjìng - Track and Field.