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李娜1:2克里斯特尔斯, 李娜性情英雄 - Li Na 1-2 Clijsters, Li Na with a Heroic Temper print version
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After losing her match, Li Na covered her face and cried, as she lost the grand-slam and felt pity for not winning the glory. When receiving her award, tears were glistering over Li Na's face, for she was honored by being called 'China's hero' by the important guest who presented the Australian Open reward. Clijsters was smiling and laughing after winning the championship, because the hard-earned 4th grand slam has aroused such emotions.

During the press conference, Li Na went on with her candid personality. When she heard how many millions of Chinese viewers watched her match she responded: "So few?!"; when hearing that both CCTV news channel and sport channel have broadcasted the finals, Li Na said: "CCTV finally pay attention to tennis! Don't they always show ping-pong and badminton?"

Li Na's world ranking position has reached a historical 7th position. She took away a money prize of 1.1 million Australian dollars (about 7.23 million RMB). She's an athlete who always says things like "winning more money prizes so I could go shopping", and is never the kind of athlete who is willing to say "I play ball for my country". With her own personality and humor, Li Na conquers China's sport fans, the foreign media and gain the attention of sport fans around the world. Li Na gave a lot to China's sport in 2011.

Many Chinese who haven't followed tennis in the past, have made efforts and fallen in love with tennis because of Li Na. Many children who like sports have picked up a tennis racket because of Li Na.

Runner-up Li Na has received praise and award yesterday, while also evoking people rethinking about 'only gold medal view'. Shanghai great swimming champion, Xu Yanwei, spoke out about the lamentable reality of China's sport: "In China only the champion obtains pride. The runner-up, the 8th or the 18th are all considered the same, and the only difference between them is the money award each gets. Li Na is very fortunate.

[1] 李娜 lǐ na - The top Chinese female tennis player, 29 years old, who had now reached the runner-up position in the Australian Open and the 7th position in world tennis ranking.

[2] 大满贯 dà mǎn guan - 'Grand slam', the four most important tennis tournaments (Australia Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open).

[3] 澳网 ào wǎng - 'Australian Open', an annual grand-slam tennis tournament, held in January.

[4] 克里斯特尔斯 kèlǐsītèěrsī - Clijsters (Kim Clijsters), a Belgium female tennis player, who has now beaten Li Na in the final of the Australian Open and reached the 2nd position in world ranking.

[5] 新闻发布会 xīnwén fābù huì - News/press conference.

[6] 央视 yāng shì - 'Central Television', CCTV ('China Central Television'), the national TV channels (state TV broadcaster), broadcasted throughout entire China.

[7] 唯金牌论 wéi jīnpái lùn - "'Only gold medal'- view", a view that only a gold-medal, or the first place should be considered as successful; finishing in 2nd position is a complete defeat.

[8] 徐妍玮 xú yánwěi - A 26 year old female Chinese Olympic medal swimmer.

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