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国足昨抵京 高洪波回避媒体 - The National Football Team has arrived to Beijing, Gao Hongbo avoids the Media print version
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Over with the preliminary group competition, with the Qatar Asian Cup over earlier than expected, China's national team returned from Doha to Beijing, yesterday afternoon. According to the arrangement, national team members have returned each to his club, where they wait for their next task, the Brazil World Cup qualifying games.

Although they didn't succeed in completing their goal of reaching the elimination games, Gao Jiajun was still received the attention of the media and football fans. Yesterday afternoon, when the team has yet to arrive, many media groups and football fans hurried to the airport in order to welcome the team. Along with the usual practice, after each big competition, the Chinese team needs to conduct an interior summary. In the current Asian Cup, the national team is required to summarize many things, as the outside world  looks forward eagerly to see what will be the final report given by Gao Hongbo.

After Gao Hongbo, football players came up one after the other. After finishing the Asian Cup, national football players require a time of adjustment. As for the time of the next training camp, it will be not earlier than after the Spring Festival. In June this year, the qualifying games for the Brazil World Cup begin. The national football team still has more than 5 months to prepate, the time is pressing.

[1] 小组赛 xiǎozǔ sài - 'Small group competition', the first group round of a competition, before the playoff stage.

[2] 卡塔尔亚洲杯 kǎtǎěr yàzhōu bēi - Qatar Asian Cup; the Asian Football Cup, held every four years, currently held in Qatar.

[3] 巴西世界杯 bāxī shìjiè bēi - Brazil World Cup; Football World Cup, held every four years. Next World Cup will be held in Brazil, 2014.

[4] 预选赛 yù xuǎn sài - Preliminary competition; a competition which determines which team will reach an important tournament. Here mentioned concerning World Cup preliminary matches, which determine which national teams will play in Brazil 2014.

[5] 淘汰赛táotài sài - Elimination competition; the playoff final stages of a competition (which China has failed to reach in the current Asian Cup).

[6] 高家军 gāo jiā jūn

[7] 国足 guó zú - National football (soccer) team, short for 中国男足 (China's men's football tema).

[8] 高洪波 gāo hóng bō - Gao Hongbo, China national football team's head coach since 2009.

[9] 国脚们 guó jiǎo men - National football players. '国脚' ('national feet') is another short term for the national football team.

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