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32年首次包揽亚运乒乓7金 - First Time in 32 Years, Winning All 7 Ping-Ping Gold Medals in the Asian Games print version
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自74年德黑兰亚运会至82年新德里亚运会,中国乒乓球队在三届亚运会上夺得了19枚金牌,显示了强大的整体实力。 在86年汉城亚运会和94年广岛亚运会上中国队遭遇了韩国队、朝鲜队的强有力的挑战。当时韩国队涌现出一大批出色的新秀,给了中国队 很大的威胁。在90年北京亚运会上,邓亚萍上一人独得三枚金牌,奠定了中国乒乓球一姐(女子运动员成绩第一)的地位。 随后的两届亚运会中国男队连续夺得两届亚运会的男团冠军。


China`s ping-pong team has won it all, gaining all 7 gold medals in the current Asian Games. This is the first time since the Bangkok Asian Games (1978) that China`s ping-pong team wins each and every gold medal in the competition. 

Chinese ping-pong had only once in the last 30 years accomplished the `take on everything` in the Asian Games, therefore the achievement in the current games seems especially magnificent.

Between the 1974 Tehran Asian Games and the 1982 New Delhi games, China`s ping-pong team has seized 19 gold medals in three Asian Games events, demonstrating powerful group strength. In the 86` Seoul Asian Games and the 94` Hiroshima games, China met with the challenge of playing against the powerful Korean and North Korean teams. In these years, the Korean team had a big number of emerging outstanding young players, giving a big threat to the Chinese team. In the 1990 Beijing Asian Games, Deng Yaping alone won three gold medals, becoming the top woman of Chinese ping-pong. In the next two Asian Games events, the Chinese men team won team championship successively.

In the current games, the Chinese team displayed complete power when entering the competition, as the collective strength led to an even higher superiority. In the finals of the men and women group competitions, both the Korean men and Singapore women teams were defeated 0-3 by China. Afterwards, the gold medal in the mixed doubles was won, and then gold and silver in the men`s doubles as well as gold and silver in the women`s doubles. In future competitions, as long no problems arise in ourselves (problems within the Chinese team as opposed to an outer `threat`), the Chinese ping-pong team can certainly continue to dominant this sport.

[1] 包揽 (bāolǎn) - `Winning it all`, `winning the whole thing`, here meaning winning all competitions in one sport.

[2] 亚运会 (yàyùnhuì) - The Asian Games, an Asian multi-sport event, held almost every four years since 1951. The 16th Asian Games are currently held in Guangzhou, China.

[3] 七枚金牌 (qī méi jīnpái) - 7 gold medals, the total sum of ping-pong competitions in the Asian Games (men singles, women singles, men doubles, women doubles, mixed doubles, men team, women team).

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