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姚明当父亲了!昨日,刚刚做爸爸的姚明非常激动,他说能够做父亲是最开心的事情,同时也不介意孩子是男孩还是女孩。 "我认为和其他任何事情相比,能够做父亲毫无疑问是最开心的事情。"姚明说,"我现在仍然非常兴奋,也感谢大家对我的女儿以及我的家人的关心。"姚明也没有忘记说到女儿的未来,他希望女儿能够快乐成长。

姚明的女儿出生不久,就有很多媒体赶到了医院。有记者开玩笑问姚明要不要超生(超过计划生育规定的孩子数量),姚明大笑着回答说:"没钱了,不生了。"(超生要罚款)   不过姚明并不希望女儿也在媒体的关注当中成长,他更希望女儿能够得到一个相对宽松的成长环境。


Yao Ming has become a father! Yesterday, a moment after becoming a dad, the excited Yao Ming said that becoming a father is happiest experience and he doesn't care whether the child is a boy or a girl.

"I think that compared to other matters, becoming a father is without doubt the most happy experience", said Yao Ming. "Right now I am still very excited and I wish to thank everyone for their concern about my family and my daughter." Yao Ming didn't forget to speak of the future of his daughter, hoping that she will be able to grow up happily.

Not long after Yao Ming's daughter was born, many media reporters have already rushed to the hospital. One reporter joked and asked Yao Ming whether he wants to 'exceed birth' (have more kids than allowed by the birth control policy), Yao Ming answered with a big laugh: "I don't have money, so I won't give birth (money to pay the fine for an 'extra' child)." However, Yao Ming by no means wants his daughter to grow in the center of media attention, and he has even stronger wishes that she will receive a comfortable and peaceful growing environment.

"I hope she will grow healthily, happily and peacefully", said Yao Ming. I don't care whether the child is a boy or a girl, having a boy is the same as having a girl. My only wish is that the child will grow healthily, happily and peacefully. Furthermore, I wish to thank again everybody for their concern about my daughter, myself and my family.


超生 (chāoshēng) - 'Surpass birth', having more births than permitted by China's birth control regulations.