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郑洁在澳网的效果不错 - Good results for Zheng Jie in the Australian Open print version

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As Li Na is disappointing since her French Open title last year, China is happy to have Zheng Jie back in shape, as she lost only in the 4th round of the Australian Open. The comeback of the 28 years old Sichuan player is introduced in this article, which includes a short interview with the tennis player.

2010年美网(Tennis US Open)期间,郑洁(Zheng Jie)左手手腕[1]受伤,进行手术治疗[2],这让她退出了当年几乎整个赛季[3]的比赛,WTA的排名[4]也一度跌出前50名。也因此,郑洁今年重回澳网(Australian Open)时,她是以非种子选手[5]身份参赛的。今年的澳网,她双线作战[6],并且在女单(women's singles)和女双(women's doubles)比赛中闯入[7]第四轮。在赛场[8]上她延续了跑动灵活、防守[9]出色的特点。

郑洁表示,在赛季开始之前的冬训(winter training),她推掉了所有的活动,刻苦训练[10],目前看来效果不错。她说:"我现在打法有些改变,今年冬训我特地加强了上肢[11]力量的练习,有助于增加我的进攻性[12]。

如今的郑洁,在赛场上的心态越来越平和,她真正开始享受网球(tennis)带给她的乐趣。郑洁却笑言"没有李娜(Li Na, China's best female tennis player)那么火爆的脾气[13]"。离开了赛场,郑洁说她的生活和网球并没有太大的关系。郑洁说,对她来说最好的放松方式就是在家听听歌,和丈夫聊天。


During the 2010 Tennis US Open, Zheng Jie's left wrist was injured. After undergoing surgery, she retired from almost the entire competition season and her WTA ranking dropped to below the top 50. Consequently, Zheng Jie's returns to the Australian Open this year without being a seeded player. In this Australian Open, she battles in two fields, and has passed to the 4th round in both women's singles and doubles competitions. She maintains her features of flexible movement and outstanding defending on the court.

Zheng Jie says that during the winter training prior to the beginning of this competitions season, she didn't engage in any activities but rather trained painstakingly. Now it seems that this had a good effect. Zheng says: "At present my playing style has some changes. In the winter training I particularly practiced strengthening the force of my upper limbs, which is helpful in improving my attacking game."

Zheng Jie now seems more and more calm mentally on the court and she is starting to enjoy the pleasure tennis brings her. Still, Zheng says laughingly "I don't have Li Na's fiery temper." Leaving the tennis court, Zheng Jie says that her personal life isn't really affecting her tennis. She says that the best relaxation activity for her is listening to music at home and chatting with her husband.

[1] 手腕 shǒuwàn - Wrist

[2] 手术治疗 shǒushù zhìliáo - Surgery treatment

[3] 赛季 sàijì - Competition season

[4] 排名pái míng - Rank

[5] 种子选手 zhǒngzi xuǎnshǒu - Non-seeded player

[6] 双线作战 shuāng xiàn zuòzhàn - 'Double' fight, referring here to Zheng's participation in both singles and doubles tennis.

[7] 闯入 chuǎng rù - Pass, break through

[8] 赛场 sài chǎng - Competition court, tennis court

[9] 防守 fángshǒu - Defense

[10]刻苦训练 kèkǔ xùnliàn - Train painstakingly

[11] 上肢 shàng zhī - Upper limbs

[12] 进攻性 jìngōng xìng - Attacking nature, attacking game

[13] 火爆的脾气 huǒ bào de píqi - Fiery temper

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