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Facebook上市,人人网暴跌21% - Facebook goes on the market, while stocks of RenRen drop by 21% print version
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The anticipated initial public offering (IPO) by Facebook was expected to raise investors' interest in social network and give a boost to the stocks of Chinese site RenRen Wang, but Facebook's entrance was not as impressive and RenRen is not likely to experience market growth before late 2013.


当日,人人股价在纽约证券交易所(New York Security Trade)的常规交易中下跌1.31美元,报收于4.93美元,跌幅为20.99%,创下自一年前IPO上市以来的最高跌幅。 


国投资银行Maxim Group分析师[9] Echo He指出:"Facebook的股价表现不如人们预期的好。人人的当前估值是无法维持下去的。"分析师预计,人人在明年第三季度以前将继续亏损。截至3月份为止,人人的用户[10]人数为1.54亿人。Facebook的全球用户总数已经超过9亿人,2011年营收[11]37亿美元。

析师Andy Yeung指出:"Facebook的IPO交易已经结束,现在投资者重新把关注的重点放在人人的基本面上,且中国的在线广告市场[12]已迅速减速。人人得益于Facebook IPO上市[13]以前的预备阶段[14],但现在外部刺激性因素[15]已不再存在。"

On Friday the stocks of RenRen Wang dropped steeply by 21%, establishing a record for its sharpest drop. The reason is that Facebook's IPO failed to maintain the confidence of investors in RenRen. It is estimated that RenRen could make a profit only by the end of 2013.

On Friday the stock price of RenRen at the New York Security Trade dropped by $1.31, closing quotation of $4.93, a drop of 20.99%. This sets the biggest drop since RenRen went on the market a year ago.

The opening quotation for Facebook's NASDAQ is $42.05, with a closing quotation of $38.23. This week RenRen announced its value report for the first quarter of the year. The report shows that after the first quarter period RenRen is suffering an adjusted loss of 3 cent per share.

Analyst of the Maxim Group LLC, Echo He, pointed out: "Facebook's stock price is lower than what people had expected. The current estimations concerning RenRen cannot sustain." Analysts estimate that RenRen will continue to drop until the last quarter of next year. Until March this year, the number of RenRen's active users was 154 million. The number of Facebook's global users is 900 million, making a revenue of $3.7 billion in 2011.

Analyst Andy Yeung suggests: "The IPO trade of Facebook is already over. Now investors are giving attention again to the fundamentality of RenRen and to the fact that China's online advertisement market has already slowed down significantly. RenRen made a profit when Facebook was preparing for an IPO, but now this external catalyzing factor does not exist anymore."

[1] 股价 gǔjià - Stock price

[2] 跌幅 diē fú - Amount of decrease

[3] 投资者 tóuzīzhě - Investors

[4] 盈利 yínglì - Make a profit

[5]开盘报 kāi pán bào - Opening quotation

[6] 收盘报 shōupán bào - Closing quotation

[7] 第一季度财报 dìyī jìdù cái bào - Value report for the first quarter

[8] 亏损 kuīsǔn - Loss

[9] 分析师 fēnxī shī - Analyst

[10] 用户 yònghù - User

[11] 营收 yíngshōu - Revenue

[12] 在线广告市场 zàixiàn guǎnggào shìchǎng - Online advertisement market

[13]上市 shàngshì - Go on market

[14] 预备阶段 yùbèi jiēduàn - Preparation stage

[15] 刺激性因素 cìjī xìng yīnsù - Catalyzing/stimulating factor

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